Slobby weight gain stories

Juicy jackie part 2  

Jackie is oblivious as her “friends” fatten her up encouraging enabling and inflating her ego. To some it may seem a little dark. May or may not involve some forced feeding. I combined some chapters so there were less stories.   More ▼

There must be something in the air: a fatville/dr wu tale  

Juicy jackie (acceptance)  

Bad habits

Oliver quits running cross country and finds himself in a confusing and dark relationship with his best friend's brother. Dylan is good at manipulating Oliver and preying on his weaknesses making him unhealthy and immobile.   More ▼


To study a feedee

A group of psychology students blindly sign up for the most intense course of their lives and soon find themselves packing on the pounds as they seek to understand the mentality behind online feederism culture.   More ▼

Big gut energy [commission]  

COMPLETE 9/30/23 A commissioned novella. Dan's a bit shy, but when Liv tell him about her fetish, he starts gaining for his love. His weight increases, and his confidence goes up with every pound! Light gas, humiliation, XWG, lactation, light BDSM   More ▼

Agent michael conway  

Spare room

Anthony is a very fat and gluttonous chef who owns a very cute bakery just in the outskirts of town. One day, he catches one of his employees sleeping on his car, after they admit they are broke, Tony invited them to live with him, in the spare room…   More ▼

For science  

Lockdown puts some crazy ideas in your head. What would happen if you just did whatever you wanted just for a while? It’s for science.   More ▼
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