Juicy jackie part 2


Chapter 1 - encouragement

“Ugh my head. What happened last night?”

“Oh good you are awake. I brought you this. I figured you would be extremely hungover.” I set down a huge tray of food.

“Ugh urrrrrp oh my god I feel so gross.”

“Oh should I take this away then?” I knew she would say no. She grabbed the tray from me and dug in. “Wow I guess not then.”

“Starving urrrrrrrrp” She certainly was a pig. Her belly had softened a bit more and her arms were getting quite plush. “Oh my gawd so good.” I was very impressed actually. I went down stairs to get the rest of the food. She didn’t notice.

“Any better?” She burped.

“Urrrrrp sort of. Oooooo is that for me?” She was eyeing the second mound of food.

“Sure.” She snatched it from me.

“Yummy. You know urrrrrrp all I remember from last night urrrrrrrp was having urrrrrrrrrp the best urrrrrrrrp sex of my life urrrrrrrrrp.” She just kept stuffing her face while talking. I don’t think she realized what she ate.

“Yeah? Well how about I get you some more breakfast and I’ll have mine?” I whispered in her ear right as she finished.

“Mmmmmm.” I laughed and gave her neck a lite nip. I brought back even more food mainly pastries this time. Donuts, eclairs, croissants, cakes, all that. All incredibly heavy and dense. The pastries themselves weighed a lot. I set it down next to her along with some milk. Well she thought it was milk. It was actually heavy cream I had mixed into the milk carton I knew she would drink it all.

“Mmmm I’m so hungry.” I stuck my fingers in her pussy and brought them back to my mouth. “Mmmmmmm. You enjoy your breakfast while I enjoy mine.” She immediately bit into a cream filled donut.

“Mmmmmmmm.” Bite after bite, pastry after pastry disappeared into her plump succulent body. As I drank up her sweet juices I thought of all that cream, sugar, chocolate, dough, and butter that would be sitting in her stomach only to make her lethargic and softer. I was getting hard hearing her moan and eat it all.

“Mmmmm you are so sexy. Suck the cream out of the eclair for me.” I held the eclair up to her lips and watched her greedily suck out all the cream. “Mmmmmm so sexy.” I kissed her milky breasts. “Open up.” I shoved the rest of the eclair in her mouth and let her lick my fingers. “Good?” She nodded her head.

I moved my fingers along her inner thigh while kissing her neck and feeding her another. “Mmmmmmmm so rich. Mmmmmm I need something to drink.” I handed her the heavy cream. “Gulp gulp gulp ahhhhh urrrrrrp.” I put the cream aside and kissed her neck and briefly touched her clit.

“Mmmmmm so sexy. Eat some more for me.” I held the pastry to her lips and she sucked it all down. “Mmmmm you are so curvy and soft.” She burped again.

“Urrrrrrrp I’m getting a little full.” I rubbed her belly. “Urrrrrrp urrrrp.” I fed her another. “They are so good though.” I rubbed her inner thigh. I started teasing her.

“You aren’t full yet. Aren’t they delicious and creamy? All that chocolate decadence. All that lovely goodness.” I rubbed her thickening middle.

“Mmmmmmmm.” I fed her more. I started teasing her and then had her on all fours. I put the plate in front of her. There were still so many. “Mmmmmmm you are such a tease.” I gave her butt a pat and watched entranced as it jiggled. I held an eclair up to her mouth. She took a bite, as she did I rubbed my dick against her clit.

“That’s it. So creamy and yummy.”

“Mmmhmmmm mmmmmm” She took another bite.

“That’s it you have more room. You are so soft.” I fed her another as I teased her. “Mmmm such a nice ass.” I smacked her butt it jiggled a lot. “Mmmm such a nice jiggly fat ass.” I fed her another.

“Mmmmmmmmm.” I grabbed her tits and pinched the nipples. “Mmmmmmmmm” she moaned her mouth full of creamy chocolate and dough.

“That’s it keep eating.” I fed her another as I plunged deep into her. “That’s it mmmm such a soft belly.” I fed her another as I thrust harder. She wasn’t listening so I kept talking. “You are getting so plump. Mmmmm.” I squeezed her fat butt.

“Ahhhhhh mmmmmmmhmmmm mmmmmm” I fed her another.

“God these tits and this ass are only the beginning.” I fed her another as I thrust deep. I put my hands around her softness waist. “Mmmmm you are getting thick. Mmmmm Keep eating.” I fed her more. She just moaned and swallowed.

“Mmmmmmmmmm aghhhhh more” I smiled. I held an eclair just out of her reach. “Mmmmmmmm ahhhhh mmmm.” She was whining for the cream filled pastry.

“Mmmmmm are you sure? I mean you are getting pretty doughy already.” I jiggled her soft belly and smacked her butt.

“Mhmmmmmmm mmmmm More” I shoved it in her mouth laughing she was so greedy.

“Mmmmmmm that’s it. My my you are hungry.” I started feeding her faster and I felt her getting full. The more I fed her the more she squealed when I thrust and the tighter it was. “Good girl. You still have more to go.”

“Mhhhmmmmm” i fed her another and watched her struggle to swallow.

“Mmmmmmm are you getting full?” I rubbed the inside of her thigh brushing against her growing belly.

“Mmmmmmmhhhmmm mmmm” I fed her another and stroked her clit.

“Nah you aren’t full. You need to finish them.” I grabbed her tit and squeezed it hard. “Mmmmm. You need to keep eating to keep these nice and big.” I squeezed her boobs. They were huge and made a slapping noise in time with my thrusting. “And this, “ I smacked her fat juicy ass hard and then squeezed it. It was so meaty. “This fat jiggly ghetto booty needs lots of nourishment.” I grabbed her waist and fed her another I just shoved the whole thing in her mouth. God she really was getting soft her waist was slowly blurred by a layer of soft fat. It was so fun to grab.

“Mmmmmmm ahhhhhhh oooooooo mmmmmmm” She was getting close. I shoved the last few in her mouth quickly and stopped moving. She swallowed hard and then I exploded inside her mAking her scream. I flipped her on her back.

“How’d that feel.” She didn’t answer. “Thirsty?” I held out the heavy cream. She grabbed it and started chugging. It was actually impressive. “Mmmmmm you are so hot.” I started stroking her inner thigh. She moaned and chugged faster. She was flagging and sweating.

I tilted the cream up higher. “Gulp gulp gulp.” She was frantic. I watched her belly swell.

“That’s it. More more.” She protested a bit when I caused the liquid to come faster but relaxed once I stroked her pussy. “That’s it mmmmm look at you.” I rubbed her huge boobs. “Getting big now. So soft and plump. Mmmm keep going. More, more, more come on you got this.” I put my palm on her belly and rubbed it. It full and soft.

“Huffff ufffffugh ahhhh oh my gawd so full. I can’t breathe.” She was flushed and sweaty. Her belly was fat and heavy with sweets. She was panting her tongue lolling to the side. She was my big greedy girl. “Ahhhhhh urrrrrrrp ugh. I ate too much. Urrrrrrrrp. Urrrrrrrrp can you rub hic my belly?”

“Of course. Mmmm god your so sexy.”
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Brope 4 years
these stories are so fun and deranged pls make her 300 lbs
Nesthicc 4 years
So good
Natatat 4 years
Not going by weight. That does tell you anything. Plus I’m still sorting my story out. Some of these parts need to be premium because I need the extra income.
GrowingLoveH... 4 years

Now I need some eclairs and a cold shower.

Wonderfully descriptive and downright naughty.
Theswordsman 4 years
Just curiously how much does she weigh