chapter 1

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I need to eat. I haven’t eaten in years. Now. Now, while she sleeps. Tomorrow is the day. Seize it. She can hide and eat.

“Oh my god I know already. I will find someone for you. Calm down.”

You calm down. Why not her? You know I know about you. Why not? You would get what you want and so would I.

“It’s not the same.”

It is. You know she hides. You know it, I know it, she knows it. Do it.

“Shelly what are you doing?”

She was on the kitchen floor food on her face.

“Ugh urrrp. What?”

“Are you already drunk?”

“Yup it’s Halloween.”

“Not till tomorrow.”

“Pfffhh it’s Halloween somewhere.”

Shelly had gained a bit since the start of school. Jade had been painfully aware of the burgeoning blonde. Every ounce had been an almost orgasmic sight. Every secret binge had filled her with lust. And the damn demon wasn’t helping.

I’m not a demon. I’m a ghost.

“Whatever either way you are evil.”

I’m trying to help.

“No you just want to eat.”

And help. I can do both. Besides then we can be lovers. And I can feel again.


“Did you say something?”

“What, no. I was just uh going to uh make some food.”

“Ooooooo can you make a lot? Can we order some too?”

See? She is begging for it. Do it. Do it now.

“I can’t afford that food.”

You don’t have to. I got it.
“How? You can’t get it without a body.”

Wrong. I can, just I need permission. Remember? You control me. You want this. I know you do.

“My jeans are really tight.”

I know you want it. I can feel your heat.

“That’s gross.”

Just do it.

“I control it. Do not possess until I say. I want to see how much she will eat on her own.”

What is the point of that?

“You can be in her when she eats. Just stop when I say.”

Fine. Can I get that food now?


“Oh my gawd Jade this is amazing Mac and Cheese! Mac and Cheese and beer!”

“I’m glad you like it.”

“Is the food going to be here soon?”

“Don’t you have enough in front of you?”

“Urrrrrrp yeah but you know me I’m a greedy bottomless pit.”

Food delivery.

“Jesus that is way too much! How is she supposed to eat all that?”

You underestimate her. She is an absolute pig. Look at her eat.

Shelly was eating straight from a pot holding 3lbs of cheesy, creamy, pasta. She was still drinking too.

“Here you go.”

“Oh my god this is so much food. Uurrrrrrrp. You trying to fatten me up?”

Yesss yesss!

“What no of course not.”

“Hahaha relax give it Here.”

Now now can I do it now?

“Yes fine just don’t hurt her.”

This isn’t my first time you know. And don’t worry she will have her personality. I’m just gonna tweak it a bit. But first food.

The demon entered. She changed a bit.

“Shelly you okay?”

“Yup why wouldn’t I be?”

“Uh no reason.”

“I’m starving.”

“Well I mean you have food.”

Jade, you ready for some fun?

I watched her eat all of the pasta. Her belly pushing against her jeans.

“I don’t know what’s up with me but I’m so hungry. Are you sure you aren’t trying to fatten me up?”

“You don’t have to eat it all you know.”

“I want to eat it all. I want it all. You know what I should be for Halloween?”

She had food on her face.

“No, what should you be?”


Her fat little belly was poking out over her jeans.

“You know, from Hansel and Gretel?”


“Yeah and you can be the witch. Make me nice and fat. Put me in a cage and force me to eat.”


“That’s what happens in the story. The witch fattens them up.”

She looked so cute with her face buried in a pot of Mac and cheese. Her fat belly starting to spill out into a muffin top.

“Yeah I guess that means I would have to eat you. Haha.”

“Oooo you dirty girl.”

Aww poor Jade is losing it.


“Urrrp, I mean I already have the appetite.”

“And a little belly.”

I poked her belly.

Want me to pop her button?


I watched her feeding frenzy.

“Awww my stomach is too small for all this.”

She rubbed her belly.

“So is it you or Shelly talking?”

“Oh I’ll never tell. No fun in that. But your friend is an insane glutton. She is enjoying this.”


“You know you can do whatever you want to me?”


“Yeah Jade this is all you. I’m not done eating yet. I’m just waiting till I’m not painfully stuffed. Rub my belly.”

“Oh my god it is so hard.”

“I know right? It hurts. But it feels amazing.”

“How long are you doing this for?”

“I don’t know. I think this one has some potential.”

“What kind of potential?”

“Oh I think you know. I mean look at my soft belly. Well it’s stuffed right now, but I see you looking at her.”

“I mean yeah I do. You are confusing me. Can you just be her hunger for right now?”

“Ugh fine fine but I’m tweaking some stuff to make this more fun.”

“Whatever just make sure you don’t hurt her and that you stop when I tell you to.”

“Yes I will I told you already.”

“Urrrrrrrp ugh my stomach. Urrrrrp oh my god I’m so drunk.”

She was so hot like this.

“I’m really hungry today.”

“Yeah I mean you have been eating and drinking all day.”

“Well gotta prepare for all that Halloween candy and drinking games.”

She rubbed her belly and moaned.

“How’s about we play a game?”

“Like a drinking game?”

“No, better.”

“Oh what then?”

“Well it’s more of an feeding game. Urrrrp.”

“Don’t you think you’ve had enough?”

“Nope never. I’m neva fuffll”

She burped loudly and shoved the last of the Mac and cheese in her face.

“So here’s how it works. Mmmm this is so good. You mmm pick cards from this stack and you have to do what they say.”

Here’s the stack Jade. I get to eat tonight. I grabbed more food for her. She loves the kind I have. And don’t worry she’s the one who will be hearing me more. I control Shelly’s belly.

There was a huge mountain of snack cakes in front of us. There were all the different pastry companies. Shelly was salivating. She still hadn’t finished her other food.

I gotta eat my other food before I eat dessert.

“Earth to Shelly.”

“Okay so the cards. I’ll go first.”

Eat the rest of the pasta and chug three beers or more.

“What does it say?”

She showed me the card. I was soaked. She dug in.

Yes food food food. Oh my god. That’s it eat. You have been starving yourself. You deserve this. It tastes amazing.

“Urrrrrrp shit so full. Sorry I’m such a pig. A big fat piggy. Haha. Urrrrrrrp.”

“You better watch it You May pop the button.”

I smacked her belly. She burped.

“Pick a card.”

She sat and rubbed her belly.

Feed her.

“What’s it say?”

I showed her the card.

“Feed me? Wait what and for how long?”

Until she stops feeding you. Duh. Best opportunity. You want this.

“I don’t know. But open up.”

The next card.

Ask her to tease you while she feeds you.

“Tease me.”

“You are getting kinda pudgy Shelly Belly. Look at your jeans. Didn’t they fit last week?”

Yes they fit you yesterday actually. You’ve been enjoying yourself.

“They fit yesterday.”

“Maybe you should be gretel for Halloween. Then you can eat the entire night and just say it’s part of your costume.”

“Uh huh.”

“Taste good?”

“Mmm huh.”

She was getting more ravenous now.

“Chill out.”

God okay okay.


“Uh you ate all the real food.”

“Oh shit haha. Next card.”

Eat all the snack cakes and drink heavy cream.

“Wow I always wondered what that tasted like.”

Well now you get to drink it. You missed it. It always made you feel good. Made your pants nice and tight. Way more satisfying than milk.

“Give it here.”

She drank all four containers with all those snacks. Her button popped. Then she passed out.

That was fun.

“Are you less hungry?”

Meh I mean for now. Let’s let her digest so that I can eat again. She loves eating by the way. She misses drinking that stuff.

“You can’t constantly stuff her. She will get fat.”

You like her that way though. And she was going to get fat anyway.

“Yeah but seriously you can’t just have her pack on so much at once.”

Fine can I at least increase her capacity so that I can eat more at a time? She loves eating. I was just in her head. She binges in secret. Also why do you think there was so much heavy cream?

“I don’t know I thought I had bought that.”

Nope, nope, nope. Shelly Belly did. She’s a hungry girl. Shelly’s little belly was peeking out of her shirt. She wasn’t as bloated, her food baby was gone, in its place was just a bit more softness than yesterday.

“Oh my god I’m so hungover.”


“I’m starving.”

There is a lot of food in the kitchen. Go crazy.

“Shelly what are you doing?”

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