Juicy jackie (acceptance)


Chapter 1 - birthday belly

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“Oh wow what a site.”

I walked over to Jackie squeezed into her old workout shorts and sports bra and then this athletic top. I knew she had gotten big obviously but this stuff wasn’t that old, was it?

“You really let yourself go during the off season.”

“It’s not that bad. It’s only a few pounds.”

“I can’t even believe this. I mean look at you bulging out of your workout clothes. Did you even try to follow the weight loss program?”

She looked at the ground.

“I see. Well let’s see what you can do. Push ups.”

She got into the position for regular push-ups. She fell the first try. Then she attempted the girl push-ups. Her belly touched the floor each time she went down.

“Come on, you can do better than that. Do you want to stay fat forever?”

She kept going. Slower and slower. Her boobs were touching the floor barely contained by her old sports bra. Fat spilled over the cups and they dug into her meaty arms. She was huffing and puffing and sweating.

“Ooooof ugh”

She plopped down onto her stomach.

“Awww poor fat piggy.”

I grabbed a roll of fat.

“Too much junk food is what this is.”

She struggled to get up.

“Okay Krispy Kreme we are gonna do sit-ups now.”

This was adorable. Her belly would bunch up her form was off and she couldn’t even get halfway up.

“Okay okay let’s try something easier. Boat pose.”

She got in position.

“You have to breathe. You only have to hold it for one minute.”

Her belly was wobbly from the effort and her face was red. She barely made it to twenty seconds before she fell back sending her fat jiggling.

“Ugh oooofff ow hufff hufff ugh too hard.”

“Nope too fat.”

I poked her mushy middle. I grabbed the fat and shook it and played with it for a bit.

“Okay piggy jumping jacks.”

This was the most glorious site. Those huge fat tits bouncing and her fat belly jiggling. Her ass wobbling along. She was so out of breath and sweaty.

“Oh god huffff oooooffff can’t breathe.”

“Stop. You are embarrassingly out of shape. You obviously didn’t listen at all to what I told you to do.”

“No I listened. I tried.”

“This doesn’t look like trying to me. This looks like you are on a first name basis with every employee at Krispy Kreme and the surrounding fast food restaurants.”

I jiggled and slapped her fat. Poked, prodded, and pinched all of her fat jiggly body. It was a week till her birthday and I intended to stuff her full of every treat imaginable. I also instructed everyone to get or make her some kind of fattening thing and insist she eat all of it.

“Now fatty since you failed to diet or exercise, I think it’s time to take drastic measures.”

“What kind of drastic measures?”

Jackie’s view:

I don’t know what the hell has gotten into everyone. My friend from high school today took me out for lunch and practically force fed me. She just kept ordering more and more food. She insisted I eat it. And god in the mornings Sam cooks enough breakfast to have her own restaurant. Except I’m the only customer. Sam, Quinn, and Jenny kept refilling my plate.

I am already spilling out of my bigger jeans. And Jeez the desserts. Cakes, cookies, pastries, ice cream, brownies, candy, it’s a mine field. And then dinner I’m treated to the same but with heavy food. Even when I protest my plate is refilled. I’m pretty sure each night for dessert I have eaten at least a dessert meant for 16 people.

After a week of this I am positive that I have gotten fatter. My jeans are really hard to button. In fact I have to unbutton them when I sit in order to breathe. And tomorrow is my birthday. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be force fed and fucked the entire day.

I might as well accept it. I mean at least it will be yummy and I get sex.

“I’m so fat. Like so fat.”

“You look sexy.”

“Yeah but I’m positive that I’m over my limit now. I’ve been an absolute pig.”

“Jackie your birthday is today, just relax and let go. Whatever you want is what you are going to do.”


That night:

“Oh my gawd these are amazing.”

I honestly had no idea what I was doing. I have been pigging out the entire day. When my plate was refilled I happily ate it. Sometimes I just ate right out of the serving bowl. I didn’t turn down anything. I was a pig. I am a pig. I was currently in what used to be sexy lingerie with a garter and corset. It was hanging on for dear life as I continued to stuff myself full of cake and donuts and eclairs while Zander ate me out.

I couldn’t stop eating or he would stop eating. I felt him rub my belly and kiss it while I completely let go and chugged heavy cream and custard. I shoved fistfuls of all these treats I couldn’t have as a kid. I was so full but I needed to finish.

Zander had me lay on my back while he fed me. I felt like a pig and looked like one. I was up to 190lb. I couldn’t stay away from the heavy cream. And it wasn’t going to get any better with Fourth of July coming and BBQs.

“I’m going to get so fat with all the BBQs.”

“You are already quite the pig.”
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