Nice and plump


chapter 1

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She was no longer able to hide her weight gain. The last five pounds had seen to that. To be more precise, it was four pounds ago that had seen to that. One hundred and forty pounds was her clothings limit to “properly” fit her. Her plump body had put up with all that extra until the first of five extra pounds. One hundred and forty one pounds and her belly was noticeable. Before that her layer of fluff hadn’t drawn much attention. But now the glances were longer. Just barely noticeable a hair longer they looked at her somewhat perplexed. That first pound was the extra that warranted attention. Too much softness. At one hundred and forty two pounds she could suck in but still looked extra plump. The next pound and those glances were longer, too long for her liking. Now at one hundred and forty five pounds she sucked in to button her jeans. Sitting in them was uncomfortable to say the least and sucking in, well it only barely hid three pounds. But her arms were softer and thicker. Her butt was overly plush. Her belly was jiggly and her belly button visible. Her face was soft and sitting down she was aware of her muffin top. She felt eyes on her.

He had made it sound so fun. And it was fun. But the pounds came on faster than she thought. And it was much easier than she thought. She gave her toneless middle a poke. She shuddered at how far her finger sunk in. It was all too easy to pack it on. It was all too easy to laze about and eat. And eat. And it was so easy when he constantly pleasured her and praised her and worshipped her. He was relentless in his compliments and affection. Not that that was bad. But it had lulled her into a false sense of security. She was a plush marshmallow. And she had let it go too far. She hated feeling her jeans dig into her belly. She hated how tight her clothes were. She hated her overly plush form. She was out of shape in every way imaginable. Worst of all it was only the first five pounds that he had said to try. The rest had been her teasing him. Overeating to turn him on. He would salivate over her as she purposely stuffed herself. And once she was helplessly stuffed he would pounce. She created her own vicious cycle of food and sex.

“Mmmm look at you my plump concubine.”

His hands snaked around her middle, sinking into her. He froze for a minute. She felt him smirk and felt his hot breath on her neck.

“Mmmm did you gain more weight? You feel more substantial.”

“I Uh… I don’t know.”

She covered her belly protectively.

“Stand up.”

“Come on I don’t want to right now.”


She acquiesced.

“There, happy.”

He grinned at her before he began sizing her up. Poking and prodding and pinching.

“My my, someone has been plumping up. Let me see.”

“No it’s embarrassing.”

“Oh come on please I just want to see your blossoming curves. Please.”

She dropped her arms to her sides as he gleefully lifted her shirt up a bit.
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Jazzman 6 months
Again. I don't want to go back to the start. Could you put her weight in the next chapter?
Jazzman 8 months
I can't remember how much she weighs. A little help please? I really like this story
Bbman30 2 years
This is great, wish there was a sequel
Akwolfgrl13 3 years