Tony�s torture


chapter 1

"My jeans are way too tight" I moaned through a mouthful of chicken wing.

"Awww, too bad. I thought you liked chicken wings." Jane smacked his belly hard. "Keep eating. You need to finish, you wouldn't want to waste it."

"Can I please just unbutton them?" My jeans were cutting into my belly. It was weird I had no idea how doughy I was until now. My flab was spilling over my waistband. It hurt.

"You know what, maybe I'll take pity on you just this once but only if you are good and keep eating." I nodded my head. "You nodding your head is not being good. You eating faster will convince me." I must have looked terrified. "Come on fatty hurry up before I decide to punish you." She smacked my aching gut. I ate faster to show her I would be good.

"That's a good boy. Look at all this." She pinched my muffintop. "You have so much blubber. You are going to pop the button off of those jeans if you aren't careful." She kept a tight hold on my fat.

"I can't eat anymore unless you unbutton them. Please, I will have more room if you do."

"You have plenty of room like this. See all this jiggly fat. It's still soft. Plus you can still breathe and talk so you have room." I whined and gave her my best puppy dog eyes.

"Please I'll do anything if you unbutton them." I instantly regretted saying that when I saw her light up.

"Anything?" I looked down at my bulging gut. I could feel the button holding on for dear life.

"Yes anything."

"Okay" She reached down and popped the button.

"Oh my urrrrrp, that feels urrrp, so much better" my gut surged out into her hands. I really was getting podgy.

"Good now you have a lot more room. And I have so many activities planned." She jiggled my belly.

"What kind of activities?" I was stuffing myself as fast as possible in the hopes that I wouldn't realize how full I was.

"Oh you know, things that involve that black thing you like and this" she put her fingers in her pussy and pulled them out and placed them under my nose. I instantly went rock hard and tried to lick it off her fingers.

"Not so fast you greedy pig. You have to do everything and anything I say.” She said this last part in my ear and grabbed my crotch and belly making me jump a bit.

I had had to button my pants again before we left the restaurant. The second we walked to the house I moved to unbutton them again. My hand was smacked away.

"Nope. You said anything."

"Jane I'm seriously going to explode. I can't eat anymore."

"Aww that's too bad because I thought you wanted to put these to use" she pulled out a pair of fuzzy pink hand cuffs that a friend had given me as a joke gift. I didn't know she knew I had those.

"Uh, I mean..." I was practically drooling. Bondage was kinda a recently discovered kink for me. Well with her everything she did made me crazy.
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