Competitive weight gain stories

Juicy jackie part 2  

Jackie is oblivious as her “friends” fatten her up encouraging enabling and inflating her ego. To some it may seem a little dark. May or may not involve some forced feeding. I combined some chapters so there were less stories.   More ▼

The deal  

When two roommates have the goal to help the fat one lose weight, it ends up with consequences for the skinny one. Maybe he should have been nicer and not fat shamed him!   More ▼

Sibling rivalry

The MacDougall Sisters compete in everything. When one goes to Sterling University, the competitions don't stop, but the turn into a snowball of gluttony and over-indulgence. Watch two sisters ruin their bodies all to claim victory over the other.   More ▼


Juicy jackie (acceptance)  

The felony  


Their chemistry was dangerous - updated nov 2023

STORY COMPLETE NOV 2023. It just clicked when we met. I had never dated someone so gorgeous, with such a massive appetite. But our happy bubble blinded us, and made us ignore comments from friends and family as she got fatter and fatter...   More ▼

Encouraging it  

Diet disaster

A weight gain fetish story. Daniella is the office secretary at the school Trevor teaches at. Trevor loves to see women gain weight and Daniella’s appetite and job make her the perfect woman for him to watch grow!   More ▼
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