chapter 1

Kara knew ever since she was a child that she adored the soft and luscious forms of fat people of all shapes, sizes and genders, but especially big fat boys and their big soft bellies. Luckily for Kara, she grew up one of the popular girls, pretty thin and athletic, she had her pick of the boys. However, as an "in girl", she was expected to date only popular boys.

Most girls her age would have killed to have such a problem, but to Kara, this posed a bit of a conundrum for her.
To mitigate her "problem" Kara exclusively dated football players like the other "in crowd" girls. However, and to the relief of her orher thin female counterparts, Kara never went after the cute quarterback or the smoking hot receivers. No Kara only dated linemen. It was the perfect "cover", for a young woman with her proclivities. She could date big fatties, even fatten them up willingly, and best of all, she could still keep her true self hidden from view.

As an adult with less peer pressure she began dating some bigger men, and even more, bigger men with even bigger appitites. Not under the gun any more of caring about the shallow view of others, Kara even dated a fat guy or two. However, every time she revealed that she wanted to further fatten then up, even just a bit more, they freaked out and she was again left alone. Somewhat depressed with her personal life, Kara decided to move back to her home town where she knew there was a plethora of big boys that would jump her bones in a second.

Upon arriving back, she was greated by the familiar "Big Boy's" sign. Hoping to see a few fatties stuff their faces, Kara decided to go in for a bite. But even before she entered the establishment, her life was changed forever when she read a "Help Wanted" sign, hanging on the door.

Thinking of the possibilities Kara sauntered in and Chad, the store's Manager gave her an interview. By the way he grinned at him looking her up and down as he went through her electronic resume, Kara knee she had the job in bank. She knew Chad, he was as tall and slim as he was back in highschool. A bit of a dick, back then, Kara hoped he had changed, and from what she could see so far he did seem to have matured well.

As expected Chad offered her the position on the spot, to which Kara accepted, and on first offer. Everyone, including the horny Chad was surprised, everyone except for her. People could accept her explanation, pointing to the high pay, but some, especially her parents were more than a little upset with Kara for accepting such a low prestiged job, and as a fast food restaraunt manager of all things.

Considering her esteemed degrees from Preston University in biochemical engineering, managing the local "Big Boy's", looked to most like a step backwards for a young woman with so much promise. But for Kara the extremely high salary and bonuses were just the tip of the iceberg when it came to her reasoning for taking such a "lowly" position.

The real reason she took the job was that she loved to watch people eat fattening foods, full of grease, sugar and carbs, and that's all that "Big Boy's" sold. As one equally versed in feederism and biochemistry, Kara truly understood just how fattening the food she served was, and that really turned her on.

As assistant manager, she made sure that the entirety of her staff was given all the free food they wanted and for however many people they wanted, provided they ate on the premises (where she could watch). One might ask how she was able to get away with such a corporate sacrilege, well the answer was easy to explain.

Soon after her arrival, Chad's store miraculously became the most successful within "Big Boy's" entire corporate structure, beating out larger cities like New York, Sydney, and Paris in both revenue and profits. Everyone came to see Kara, and being both intelligent and gorgeous, she had the town literally eating out of her hands.
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Great frickin' story. Can't get enough.
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