My quarantine girlfriend

Chapter 1

200 lbs: I tell all my friends how crazy they are to be warning me about my fat girlfriend Mary. They tell me that if I let my 300 pound and twenty years senior girlfriend move in with me, that I’m in trouble, as fatties turn fit guys like me into fatties too. They don’t know what they’re talking about, plus it’s nice to always have home cooked meals.

1 month in and 201 pounds: I shut everyone up, seeing that I basically weighed the same after one month. I do have to admit, it’s been hard keeping up with all the great food Mary cooks in abundance.

3 months in and now 205 pounds: With all the extra calorie intake, I’m definitely stronger than ever, and look better too, “swollen” as Mary likes to tease before getting her massive and jiggly body on top of mine

6 months in and now 214 pounds: I’m still only getting positive comments about how I look, but I’ve taken to only wearing shirts that cover up my disappearing abs. Sure, I’m huge, “swollen” if you like, but I’m starting to get worried that I might need to cut back, well maybe next month.

10 months in and now 230 pounds: To say that things have changed, would be the understatement of the century. I lost my job at the gym as a trainer when a global pandemic once again forced everyone to quarantine. All was not lost though, as Mary’s elderly and benevolent father got me an online gig with his firm that paid me many times over what my previous gym commissions ever were. I suspected he paid me so much above the market value in order for me to take care of his daughter, but I wasn’t complaining.

When the first checks came in, I ordered all new gym equipment with the extra disposable income. Everything I bought and had installed was the best, but it still wasn’t the same as going to the gym and having other trainers push your limits just a little bit further every day. So, while I first hit the machines with reckless abandon the first week, that greatly cooled off in the following weeks and months as my work became more demanding and took away much of my “gym” time. Every week my time focused on working out and keeping fit was ebbing. What wasn’t ebbing however was Mary’s devotion to cooking and now baking. With me leading a more sedentary lifestyle and eating as much or more than ever, the weight, and by weight, I mean fat, began creeping on to my body, until I became the fat mess you see today at 230 pounds.

I’m kind of confused by it all as there’s a part of me, especially the trainer part, that thinks I look absolutely gross. This is the fattest I’ve ever been. The last tens pounds of the thirty I’ve gained has been virtually all fat. Thankfully, my stomach is still relatively flat and from what I understand, a lot of people, especially my old gym buddies are struggling too. Plus, compared to Mary, I’m still a Greek god and in better shape than most, but I’m gonna have to cut back on the baked goods and hit the weights, tomorrow of course.
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Attack6100 11 months
Please more lol, its kinda good
Deenyboy 1 year
love all your stories! cant wait to see more! also idk if you took it off but i was enjoying “gradual change” 😅
Krtek01 1 year
Perfect begining!