Weight gain stories


Breaking the mold (premium edition)  

(Completed!) The continuations of Enya and Isolde's story with plenty of additions. Cover by SilverPathfinder. Check out their artwork on Deviantart!!   More ▼

[commission] her perfect pig  

COMPLETE! A disastrous flight over the Bermuda Triangle lands Theo on a tropical island. The native islanders are welcoming and friendly -- but not so gentle. A beautiful woman and her accomplices force fatten him into the hog of her dreams!   More ▼

The dragons princess

A princess named Erika has no will or freedom trapped in her room by her father using her for political gain when a dragon girl comes breaking her out. She begins her life in the dragons town while cooking for her rescuer putting the pounds on her.   More ▼

Natasha visits a "wizarding school"  

Natasha and Kristen have been friends since childhood. Through many shared college experiences, they are both career women. Kristen, now a wizarding teacher, invites Natasha to visit and steamy elements from their past come bubbling to the surface.   More ▼

Never make a bet with a demon lord  

In fear of having their entire kingdom lost to the impending war with the forces of the Underworld a Princess and a Queen make a bet with the demon lord. Warning: Contains demons, breast expansion, lactation, inflation, public humiliation, etc   More ▼

Out of the moonlight

In this WG fairy tale, the life of a simple baker's apprentice takes a turn for the strange as, one evening, seemingly out of nowhere, a mysterious young woman with a great love of food emerges into it.   More ▼

The weasel of malgoren

A street urchin living in the fringes of a wealthy fantasy city finds her way into the prosperity of the upper classes, but doesn't realize what she may sacrifice as she leaves the streets behind her. *contains weight struggles /weight gain /stuckage   More ▼

Never trust a thin chef

COMPLETED 12/6/23! the cover art is by little_king_terry on tumblr. When a human FFA meets a supersized Tiefling chef, sparks fly! He's always dreamed of a smaller partner to dominate and crush, while she's always dreamed of a man as big as him.   More ▼

The bimbo pill 2  

“I am getting so fat. Just look at my ass.” “Eat like a horse, look like a horse,” quipped Lucy. Two women and their husband continue to grow as 'the company' and the gov make more moves to fatten them.   More ▼

Pudge from the past

Kyle runs into Courtney, an old friend from high school. She was always a bigger girl, but lately the pounds have caught up with her. The two reconnect before their relationship takes an gluttonous turn!   More ▼
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