Fat girls give better headd

Chapter 1 - the class

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The teacher of the class titled "fat girl head" , was not just fat girl but a massive lady with big tree trunk legs, a massive belly that poked out and a large soft butt. She wore a big floral print dress something you would imagine a preschool teacher would wear. Danielle and Crystal sat on the floor pillows which had a table in front of them with sanitary wipes and a bottle of water.
Since they were the first ones there, the large teacher handed them a basket of dildos.

"Pick your poison darlings and then pass the basket to your neighbor as they come in."  She walked to the front of the class room and waited on her cushy looking green arm chair behind a short stubby desk.

"My name is Evelyn Davis. Has anybody not gotten a dildo?" The teacher said once an adequate amount of ladies had arrived.

None of the ladies replied.

"This class will teach you the techniques of giving an amazing blowjob. To give good head... You have to want the thought of driving him over the edge so badly it hurts. You have to be hungry for it. Their is a reason why they say 'fat girls give good head'" she said looking around the room and ending with a pause.

"It's because..." she continued "We're desperate and the pain of rejection is only satisfied by sticking something in our mouth."

After the class, Danielle called Kevin over to her place to try out her skills but his reaction was still the same as many other nights: apathy and sweet reassurance.

The next day she went by Evelyn Davis's office to try and get some guidance.

When Danielle walked in, Evelyn was pretty much making out with a foot long hoagie. She was groaning and closing her eyes and sighing heavily and then slurping down a large milk shake.

Evelyn put down her lunch and finished her mouth full of food.
"Oh, I'm sorry. You caught me in the middle of my lunch. How can i help you my dear?"

Danielle began to explain her situation.

"Hmm, he sounds like a tough case. Every now and then i get one of these... Let us start by seeing your technique."
She said with a twinkle in her eye handing Dani the box of dildos.

"Sure, okay.." danielle replied awkwardly.

Danielle began to slowly suck on the purple plastic shaft while building enough saliva in her cheeks, and also massaging the ball sack and slightly jerking it. She took her time.

"You're technique is good, but it's not quite fat girl good. I think, you need the full fat girl experience to get it right."

"What do you mean? Is that like a special class or a fat suit or something?"

From a locker in the corner of the room, Evelyn pulled out one of her dresses.

"This should help you get the experience you need. Tonight, once you got your man good and horny I want you to turn the lights off, put this dress on and give him head. The dress will help but you absolutely can't let him see you in it. And don't wear this for too long, it has side effects."

Later that evening, Danielle took the 4x sized dress to the bathroom and examined it closely.

"Maybe it's a psychological thing" she thought to herself and began pulling the dress over her head.

Her mouth gaped open making her now double chin become more prominent. Staring at her in the mirror was a 330 lb fat version of herself. Her fat fingers grabbed her face and squeezed her chubby cheeks, feeling their squishiness. She immediately took the dress off and then looked up at herself again. Strangely enough and to her relief, she examined her face and svelte figure. Then she put the dress back on again and looked at herself in the mirror. She lifted the dress to look at her once flat stomach to be replaced by a massive double belly and her thin legs to be replaced by cellulite covered curves and stretch marks. Strangely enough her panties enlarged to fit her body. She ran her fingers over every part of her plump body. She pulled down the top of her dress to see her now larger nipples, she gave them a tweak, rubbed them and filled her hands with her massive breasts.
"That's one nice thing about this".

Bemused by this miraculous occurrence, she ran her fingers over her fat belly, and love handles. Then stuck her finger in her excessively deep belly button which seemed to trigger her being turned on. She then began to feel massively hungry which made her even more turned on. Looking in the mirror she felt a combination of panic and curiousity.  To her relief, once she took the dress off, the hunger went away as well as her arousal.
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