Fa fantasy to reality

Chapter 1 - breaking up is hard to do

"Hey Sam, look we need to talk..."
Frank said to his soon to be ex girlfriend.

Samantha frowned and replied, "Really, Frank?! I thought we were doing great..."

"We were I'm just not feeling the same anymore. It's not you it's me" he lied.

"Wow, that's super cliche... Next you'll ask if we can just be friends..." she said sarcastically.

Frank made an awkward face.

"Really?! You are really not good at this!" She put her face in her hands and began to cry.

"I love you, you damn asshole!" She said while sobbing.

Frank was speechless for a few moments.

"I never said I was looking for that. I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to lead you on. The heart wants what the heart wants and... I'm just not emotionally available at the moment. "
He said after he stood up.

"Well, what does you're heart want frank? I've tried everything to satisfy you and nothing seems to work..."
She said after standing up with him.

"I..." frank nervously began to say but then got a hold of himself. "I have to go, it's probably not a good idea but if you want to be friends the offer still stands. If you need any thing just let me know. Again I'm really sorry."

He said then walked out the door. Frank did really like Sam as a person it's just the sex was never good enough and she had some immature habits. His family loved her, she was everything they thought he deserved. She was 5 foot 5 five, super athletic, super successful and had a great personality but the part his family always did not seem to look at was the fact that she was a spoiled daddy's girl, superficial and shallow.

When Frank got to the door of his apartment he heard lots of loud noise coming from inside. The noise was an old movie playing and a young lady giggling uncontrollably. When he opened the door his nose was assaulted by the smell of chronic. His drug dealer flatmate was there with his girlfriend smoking weed. When Frank came in the door the giggling stopped and Dave tried to act like he wasn't high.

When Dave, usually smoked in the living room Frank would get onto him unless his girlfriend was there but this time he had to say something. Dave and his girlfriend were sitting on the couch. She was eating a pile of fast food. She had to be about 250 lbs plus. He always had to stop himself from staring at her because then he might give her the wrong impression of him. The impression that he couldn't let anybody know.

"Dave, you can't smoke in here. Someone could call the cops and it wouldn't be just you getting a fine or evicted." Frank said shielding his face with his shirt.

"Sorry man, i had a really stressful day and just needed to take my mind off things." Dave replied with his eyes blood shot eyes looking around. Dahlia, Dave's girlfriend, continued to eat but Frank did his best to ignore her.

"Man, use the vaporizor next time... I'm cool with smoking just not with getting caught and I don't want to go to work smelling of weed." As he walked towards the kitchen

"The thing broke. I have to order a new one but we could always go to the lake house..." Dave said while stealing a fry from his girlfriend.

"Lake house?" Dahlia interrupted.

"Yeah, it's my parents. It's about an hour drive from here." Frank replied behind the fridge door while drinking a beer.

"Call Sally or whatever her name is and we can make it a double date." Dave said now fully eating Dahlia's cheese burger.

"We broke up." Frank blurted out.

"Wow. Why'd she dump you?" Dave asked with a full mouth.

"Let's head to that cabin!" Frank said excitedly.

"Alllriiight! I'll get the supplies." Dahlia said excitedly while jumping up.

After they loaded the car, and were on the road for five minutes Dahlia suggested they bring along one of her girl friends. Of course, Frank jumped at the idea and they swung by Dahlia's friend's house. Dahlia's friend Frances was a thin girl with silver hair and glasses.
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Karenjenk 3 years
I love this.
Thank you!
Kexickus 3 years
This is so good, please continue.
Faadventuretime 4 years
Eventually but I have a bad case of writers block for this story. I'm trying figure out where to go next with it.
Faadventuretime 4 years
I fixed it thanks!
Mark 4 years
Samantha is the ex on page 1 so who is Michelle on the phone page 2?