Mummy weight gain stories

Creampuff compliance  

A mother who is impossible to please has her daughters living in fear of her next scolding or tantrum. That is, until one of them finds out she has a bit of a sweet tooth...   More ▼

Feeding a mom and daughter  

Don falls for GoddessGut a model on a feederism website. She gets him banned from the site for being so persistent. Don gets revenge by dating her mom and takes advantage of their toxic relationship to get all he fantasized about with GoddessGut.   More ▼

Sibling rivalry

The MacDougall Sisters compete in everything. When one goes to Sterling University, the competitions don't stop, but the turn into a snowball of gluttony and over-indulgence. Watch two sisters ruin their bodies all to claim victory over the other.   More ▼

Life with lipidease!  

A young man and his boss, an older woman, hit it off at their biotech job. She likes him — and his appetite — and wants to see more of him. Much, much more! Mutual gaining, female led relationship, stuffing.   More ▼

What a long sleep you’ve had  

💚 If I could make the world as pure and strange as what I see, I’d put you in the mirror I put in front of me 💛 (Full Story, see profile for soundtrack and illustrations)   More ▼

In good faith  

A vain but voluptuous former fattie moves back in with her obese mother and fails to keep the pounds from piling on!   More ▼

Never make a bet with a demon lord  

In fear of having their entire kingdom lost to the impending war with the forces of the Underworld a Princess and a Queen make a bet with the demon lord. Warning: Contains demons, breast expansion, lactation, inflation, public humiliation, etc   More ▼

Kate and jenny

A story about two sisters going through some changes... A story I started a few years back, Each "chapter" is POV of one of the main characters... I rewrote the first four chapters, because I hated them...   More ▼

Mamma's secret recipe

When Rose finds out how good her mom's cooking is, she can't resist having more. Soon she'll grow out of control and no one can stop her, not even herself.   More ▼

Grandma's cooking

Janet, a spoiled and bratty college graduate, moves in with her lonely Grandma in an attempt to escape her controlling parents while she saves money for an apartment. The only issue is, Grandma doesn't want her moving out...   More ▼
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