The virgin and the tycoon

chapter 1

The doctor put down her test results and sighed, shaking her head in disbelief. "Well it wasn't a heart attack," she said, "And frankly I'm surprised as hell from the look of you that it wasn't. All your tests...heart, blood, urine, EKG and more tests than you can imagine that we can do nowadays...all of them came back completely normal."

"In fact these results indicate you're healthier than I am. I simply can't believe've put on a huge amount of weight in a relatively short period of time. You are morbidly obese and according to your weigh in..." glancing at a paper on top of the pile " having put on over 100 pounds since I saw you a year or so ago. And you were a little overweight then. What's unbelievable is by all these test you are what would be considered perfectly normal for a man a third your age and half your weight."

He blushed furiously, yet incredibly relieved. It had been all so sudden and so terrifying. The pain, the weakness, the dizziness. He just knew he was one step away from a long dark box in a deep hole in the ground, but now all that had changed.

He swallowed guiltily, "I know... it was a surprise...well, sort of. My business and all... building it, sourcing suppliers, finding decent engineers, honest sales reps. Then the constant hassles, finally the acquisition and current transfer process, and always worrying about my employees. I just didn't pay attention to my body and this thing," he patted the arc of flesh curving out from his body, "seemed to just appear my lap." He realized his arms had circled it protectively and dropped them self consciously, attempting to change the subject. "But if it wasn't my heart, what was it? I thought I was going to die."

She shook her head and continued thumbing through the thick stack of paperwork on her lap. Without looking up she replied, "Near as I can figure you had a plain old everyday panic attack. That pain in your back has nothing to do with your kidneys, it's muscle stress from carrying all that weight in front, the pain in your chest was from simple over anxiety and over-stimulation or even sudden or unexpected sexual excitement. Whatever the reason that's all it was. And despite what these test results show, carrying that belly is definitely not good for you."

He blushed again as he watched her eyes rove over him, clinically and professionally, as if she was trying to make sense of the conflicting facts sitting in front of her. He was as puzzled as she was, and yes, relieved it wasn't something more serious. And yes, while embarrassing, he felt an odd thrill. He had dreamed about it, being fat, growing fatter. He was aroused by it but never pursued that secret strange fantasy he had held since childhood. But suddenly he WAS fat, he was in fact huge, topping almost 350 pounds, almost all of it landing on his belly and almost womanlike chest.

It was had been easy to ignore, sitting all day, long hours alone, definitely unhealthy food always at hand thanks to an eager to please and overly helpful staff. Easy to ignore then all of a sudden, and now, there it was. Pushing out in front of him one morning in the shower, the cold shock as he turned and felt his belly touch the cold tile of the shower wall. Where did this come from, he had thought to himself as the reality sunk in. Amazing. Looking down at it below his two feminine breasts he saw it was almost perfectly round. He moved his hands underneath and up into the fold...god yes, with a soft heavy sag folding down. It was fascinating, thrilling yet so wrong. Or was it?

Then focusing on the sensations, the amazing signals he was now receiving from his body. With a shock he realized what he had previously ignored and now feeling was in fact the underside of his immense belly sliding on his thighs as he moved. Marveling at those sensations, he moved his hands over and around it and equally oddly found he was becoming aroused by his own touch. A guilty flush rocked his body, all thoughts of work and stress and business flew entirely out of his head. He was fat, grotesquely and morbidly fat. What he had secretly fantasized and dreamed.

And it was then that he suddenly became dizzy, his breathing accelerating like a racing motorcycle and a painful pounding thundering in his chest.

The next thing he knew he was in a hospital bed, dopey, with a saline drip in his chubby arm.
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