The alpha bet

chapter 1

Bill was absolute tyrant, irritated by any minor detail, pleased with nothing, always putting everyone down. Hard to tolerate unless you got to know him and began to understand that for a large part his tough exterior was mostly for show.

And of course, as most stupidly polite people confronted with his type of abuse in the workplace or even at the local watering hole, not only put up with it but also did their best to please the loud dictator.

He was mercurial too... any minor positive word he might utter filled those "friends" of his with pride and satisfaction instinctively, until the next time he rips them apart again. Especially males.

Women were different. The most amazing thing is that over the years he'd had a number of affairs with attractive women who passed through this particular pub: secretaries off work, saleswomen, most all women in fact... married or not he would somehow seduce.

Oddest of all was the fact that the women were curiously not turned off by his immense size but instead attracted to the strong dominance he emanated ...the alpha male, a man with power who's not afraid to use it to get what he wants. A man they were in awe of.

All women except one that is, Jen the pub owner ...a small, intelligent, gloriously figured young woman with a sparkling saucy wit, a delicious heart shaped rear end and breasts he ached to touch and suckle. Of course because of her apparent lack of interest in him she was the one he desired the most

He could get nowhere with her.

Even though he was more than obviously courting her, flirting, trying any thing he could think of, she resisted not just him but all men. His commanding attitude, self-importance and bullish behavior apparently were wasted on her.

He had been in a severe motorcycle accident and had been away from the bar for over two months with a badly damaged leg and pelvis, which cut his mobility to near zero.

Being an ex-jock he was solidly built. A muscular, which had slowly turned to fat as he grew older. Not soft saggy fat but firm and solid flesh which he carried well on his almost 6' tall frame. Heavy to begin with, just over 300lbs, he had packed on another 40lbs at least, maybe more, every bit of it landing square on his already huge belly.

It HAD been awhile and as he struggled out of his truck he cursed his new size. He didn't mind it somehow, subconsciously he new it made him even more impressive. Finally reaching the beveled stained glass of the pub door he stopped to catch his breath. There she was behind the bar, not too crowded...couple of regulars and then a table in the corner caught his eye, a young lady, someone he hadn't seen before.

Seeing his prey for the evening, he took a deep breath, squared his shoulders and pushing open the antique oak doors, headed for tonight's target.

Jen heard the doors swing open, she looked up from aimlessly wiping the bar.
It was he, her eyes darted between his belly and face, then returned her attention to her work.

She felt a flutter in her stomach, she hadn't seen Bill in a while, she'd heard some hearsay from her regulars, he had been injured. She hated to admit it, but she had missed him.
'he looks different' she thought to herself, her eyes traveled to his impressive abdomen, bit her lip as her mind wondered, then instantly scolded herself. She promised herself she won't go there again. But maybe Bill was different. Not that she will allow herself to find out.

Jen had been hurt in the past. She was engaged 3 years ago, she gave up her life to be with this man, a man she thought was the love of her life, he was tall, husky to say the least and handsome. She thought he was kind, not like other men. Everything was set, she was ready to marry this man, she had moved half the world to be with him, originally from England UK she uprooted her life across the pond, left her job, her home, her family and friends. For what? To find the love of her life in bed with one of the first women she had befriended since leaving her UK home.

She couldn't resist sneaking another look at Bill as he sauntered into her pub. Not many could resist, he had such charm and gave any room great ambience.

She watched him slyly as she poured beer for her customers, she looked up and noticed him scouting for his newest conquests. She followed him as he headed to a booth in the corner with a pretty, young, blonde thing sitting there barely clothed. Jen felt her eyes roll, is she jealous? Why.
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