Venetia’s favorite spot

chapter 1

I prefer bellies that are large and soft, the kind that spread out all over but in one smooth curve from breasts to pubis. In other words, the bigger the better

The kind of belly that I can really sink into. Taut and overfilled around the upper abdomen, skin stretched taut over his overfull stomach, but lovely full, soft and blanketing around the bottom

...Which pretty much describes my latest project right now...almost perfectly round, firm just below his breasts around to about his navel, which is deep and slightly vertical, just above and soft and squishy below. He enjoys being poked there, I've learned it's a huge turn on for him. But most of all it was his incredible underbelly fold is what snared me, hook line and sinker.

It might very well be my favorite part of the body on a big man. That area where the underside of the belly meets the waist... the fold. I could write a book on that alone. Tracing my fingers along that beautiful curve and around the front as a belly spreads outwards, so. Incredibly sensitive both above and below but even more so the fold itself. In the shower i can zone out until the water runs cold sliding my soapy hands back and firth in that soft welcoming crevasse of his.

That fold is the first sign of a man truly letting himself he gains his belly grows outwards, bulging outwards until it juuusssssst starts to succumb to gravity. First gently brushing against his thighs and pubic fat, then soon a soft firm weight sliding heavily as he moves for me naked.... intensely erotic. And then to explore that soft warm fold. Even more with my tongue and lips. Sheer nirvana.

I enjoy being very gentle and sensual with this lower part of a man's belly... lightly stroking, caressing. Running my hands beneath it, feeling that weight rest on my arms. I've done that for hours with a man before... such an incredible experience. I just admire the way that fat grows and rests in this one amazing spot on a man's body so, so much.

The fact that my fondling and worshipping this part of his body turns him on as much as it does me is magical.

That, on top of his willingness to make it larger for me, heavier and softer...well, words fail.

How intensely erotic that i overfeed him for the sole goal of making that happen lovingly encourage him to increase his capacity with the single goal of distorting his body intense mutual pleasure received and shared to allow him to completely let go. And the result of his gluttony praised and admired and enjoyed.

Indulging in that passion to the fullest extent possible... to make it a project, a goal to work towards. To lovingly craft my man's body, to sculpt his growing belly and chest, the thickening of his arms and legs. To have both of our minds fixated on it, our sole reason ofw existence

To have him come home and find that dinner has already been prepared, and dessert is on its way soon. To sit at the table and find the plates already arranged, his belly straining against the fabric of his shirt... to feel my hands reach around from behind and squeeze them into his filling stomach.

Babied and loved, carefully nurtured like a rare hothouse plant. Gently encouraged to become overfull, his clothes I gently loosen as he fattens for me, his abdomen expanding and expanding until we both are dizzy with desire.

Finished he struggles to his feet and stands proudly, his gluttony obvious as I slip his clothes off and pace around him trailing my fingers along his distended equator, my fingers leaving pale stripes in his new body fat.

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The Donut King 5 years
This story is fun! Makes me hungry too! lol
Lizzyny 6 years
Sensually erotic as always.
Littleextra 6 years
Bravo! A feast of words for both mind and body to savour. Beautifully done as always. Thanks for posting! smiley
Balloon 6 years
This story is beautifully erotic. You have helped me understand what my wife/feeder enjoys about feeding me fatter. I will strive to eat more for us. We both enjoy my fatter body.