Kneel for me

Chapter 1 - down on your hands and knees my handsome fat man

now spread your hands apart, yes baby, now....

a little wider baby, wider....good. and now spread those soft meaty thighs for me.

yes, that's it... a bit more, more... good.

oh, you have grown so fat. your face is red, and you are panting from the effort. my poor sweet fat man.

just breathe deep and slow and relax your belly for me,

yes, that's it...relax and let it hang soft and round beneath you. close your eyes and feel the weight, the gentle tingle as your skin stretches outwards.

now feel my hand on your fattened butt, massaging the base of your spine where your butt cheeks begin to softly swell out so deliciously round.

god you are so ripe, so perfect, so beautiful I whisper to you as my fingers slip underneath you, my knuckle sliding against your perineum and cupping your warm, pulsing scrotum.

i feel your turgid sack quivering in my warm, cupping palm... throbbing, pulsating in your growing arousal. my other hand still massaging the base of your spine

the core of your manhood is between my warm, moving hands and fingers as i press up into you.

i am so aroused by this, your exquisitely fattened body gently spasming, your entire pelvis throbbing as i play you like a finely tuned instrument, bringing you crescendo after crescendo of sheer aching pleasure.

i am behind you, you feel the warmth of my thighs as they brush against you, the soft weight of my breasts as i lean over watching you, watching your amazing belly quiver beneath you at each spasm, almost brushing the floor you have fattened so well.

feel how fat you have gotten baby, feel my hands either side of your swollen, gorged belly, rounding out either side like a fat pig, your breasts almost woman like they have grown so large, fat and pendulous.

my beautiful, sensual loving obedient pig

you are in another world, another space, another dimension as my hands move over you, my fingers inside you again...your entire focus is on the sensations exploding from your groin, your throbbing center, your lower belly spasming as your deep inner muscles respond explosively over and over.

your manhood erect almost painfully in your eruption, it aches to be suckled, stroked...encapsulated, the tender tip tingling, glistening as it swells outwards from its shroud of soft pubic fat I have put there. i hear you gasp and cry out as i press my small fingers deeper into you feeling the tight "o" of your inner muscles mold wetly against my cum-slick knuckles as you erupt for me again.

feel me milk you, my sweet fat pig, long gentle strokes, filling my hand with your rich creamy essence, warm and slippery.

feel me massage it into the great soft belly I have grown on you, swaying beneath you like a silken sack of melted butter, my fingers sinking into your amazing softness, your deepening folds.

no my pig, we are not done yet, there is much more to come, much more.

because you are going to get much much fatter for me...much, much fatter.

just relax and do as I say.

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Juicy 5 years
Just reread this, and it's as much of a joy four years later as it was the first time. You are such a spectacular writer, my dear, and especially of this vignette style. I hope something rekindles your writing fire. x
FrecherTyp 9 years
the thought of sucking a girls boobs and get fatter in doing that is somehow very hot to me ^^
Chubbybellygirl 9 years
Lovely story and images. Are you the model for the story pics?
Obsessed 9 years
Beautiful as ever. Feeding my crush xx
FrecherTyp 9 years
hmmm somehow interesting a not everyhitng i liked about it but it was somehow sexy to imagine the girl beeing liek in your story a bit ^^
Liz Blue BBW 9 years
As usual, you take my breath away.
Irma1230 9 years
more humilitation of this piggy
Junepearl 9 years
Wow, great job.
Juicy 9 years
As always, I adore your writing. So very sensual and arousing. You've mastered this particular genre magnificently, my dear. Bravo (and a hug or two for good measure).
Littleextra 9 years
Very nicely done Sir! Flawless execution as always, even if not to my exact tastes (but that in fairness would be an impossible task!). Bravo smiley
Fatlilboy 10 years
always love this - always such a tease
Built4com4t 10 years
:-) you like this? read my other stories...lots more where this came from
Feedher3000 10 years
Wow! More please! That is amazing!