Male feeder looking for a male feedee

Hi i'm Kevin and i'm a gay guy located in Canberra. I'm looking for an Aussie twink trying to get big or a beefy boy looking to blow up out there who wants to come for an extended stay or live-in with a daddy that will nurture them and fatten them up.

I have a soft spot for guys with a 'beginner' pot/beer belly just starting out or have grown a little gut and likes the idea of growing a whole lot bigger. Also love guys that have the same 'pregnant' belly shape but have a gut that's already a little more established.

I'm wanting a 'hands on' long term project to look after, fool around with, and really blow up a guy up in 2024.

In the gaining world my interests include consistently overfeeding, force feeding, funnel feeding, gainer shakes, gomad, and midnight feeding. Ultimately, it's about me taking control if that's what's needed.

Outside of gaining my interests include computers, TV, shopping, and sleeping in.
2 months