Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia  

About me

Thanks for dropping by, friendly guy here :)

I'm looking for a guy who wants to have regular stays and/or ultimately move in where we can work together to seriously fatten him up.

I have a soft spot for guys with a 'beginner' with a pot/beer belly just starting out or have grown a little gut and likes the idea of growing a whole lot bigger. Also love guys that have the same 'pregnant' belly shape but have a gut that's already a little more established.

In the gaining world my interests include consistently overfeeding, force feeding, funnel feeding, gainer shakes, gomad, and midnight feeding. Ultimately, it's about me taking control if that's what's needed.

Outside of gaining my interests include computers, TV, shopping, and sleeping in.

If you live in Australia/New Zealand and are genuinely serious about a change of scenery, and a change in the size of your belly, drop me a dm.

Gender: male
Age: 53yrs
Weight: 165lbs
Height: 5’ 5" (166 cms)
Sexual orientation: gay
Fetish: feeder
Online 21 hours
Visits website: monthly
Joined 12 years


Food: Maccas, KFC, pizza, all the bad stuff . . oh and chicken schnitzel!
Movies: Transformers, Star Trek, Terminator, Marvel
Music: Top 40, 80's, 90's, House, most things except heavy metal
TV shows: Simpsons, Gogglebox, and most reality shows
Cars: Toyota!
Books: Not really into books
Fashions: OMG i am not fashion aware lol