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extreme padding?10 months

So a few weeks ago I picked up one of these;

Being in the UK it was a bit cheaper than the US.

This is basically an apron you'd put on over your neck, with a velcro strap to hold it in place around the waist. The padding is just foam strips, which is fine if you're only planning to use it once but for my purposes it wasn't quite authentic enough.

It was easy enough to cut the vest open without doing too much damage, remove the foam and slip a cushion inside there. The waist strap stops it sliding around, and the result is a pretty convincing and impressive belly. There's a crease running down the front of the vest which is sometimes visible when wearing tighter clothing, so I might experiment with getting another layer of the top to hide it, but all in all this is a pretty effective padding tool.

Didn't have a chance to take pics while wearing it, maybe soon!

extreme padding?4 months

Me i always start with a little bit of padding and it just keep getting bigger and bigger. At first it looks pretty real but started to get exited and i just kept stuffing myself with pillows. I went to buy at walmart cheap 3xxl pants and t-shirt 😬 i don't do it as much as when i was a teenager but from time to time i do it. I though i was the only freking person on this planet that was turned on by this lol. Sometime when it's dark i go outside my house and go for a short walk lol ir just sit on a bench and enjoy been soooo fat!!!!. Just by knowing that someone could see me exite me.
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