Fattening others

How to fatten up your partner

Simply just double her portion size at every meal and favorite and new interesting snacks in between. Alcohol and sugary drinks will help too. Decrease her activity level by doing all her chores and encouraging naps after meals and snacks upon waking. 20 lbs will be easy...stopping at 20lbs may be hard at that point. Godspeed and keep us updated on her progress.
2 weeks

How to fatten up your partner

depends on what you want. if yo uarent worried about her health... this is what got fed to me
Pasta with creamy sauces
lots of cheap brownie dough my fav.

Debbie Cakes
Fatty ham.
burgers with 30% fat
bread and butter with sugar and cinnamon sprinkled on top.
Cheap but effective.
you also have to realize that your bod y can only soak up so many calories and turn them to fat. so 10 thousand calores will not prolly give more fatness that 4 thousand.

my metabolism got slower because i was stuck sitting or laying after an accident.

aim for a pound a week
2 weeks

How to fatten up your partner

Well I’d say of course having 3 meals plus snacks - always have them around.
Drinking calories, soda smoothies milkshakes, iced coffee

1. Cream it’s easy and cheap and you can add it to you coffee shakes etc.

2. Always combine carbs with fat 😉
Mac and cheese, pizza but really everything. Fat is high in calories so try to get that up.

3. It a little controversial but alcohol is def making u fat. You get hungry and it’s very high in calories.
If you have like a aperol Spritz and two beers with the dinner that’s like an easy 800 calories plus.

If she is really on board just let her have 2 shakes a day on top of her normal (eating what she wants) diet .

500ml full fat milk 300
100ml cream 300
60g maltodextrin 200
60g protein powder 200

With some ice blend it easy 1000 caloires.

With her hopefully not moving to much she only needs to eat around 1000-1500 calories to maintain.

So having a good breakfast and a shake should result in her eating everything after that directly on to her hips smiley
1 week