stretch marks

I gained maybe around 15 lbs from feb-april and i noticed the appearance of stretch marks on my breasts and hips (a lot on my breasts). Around the beginning of May I noticed my inner thighs had one or 2 littttleee ones, but since have multiplied and grown even though I havent gained any weight since April. (if I have, its at most a lb or 2)

Do stretch marks take time to develop? Could they have happened during that gain and not showing until just now? What are your experiences with them?
avatar fatkatification 1 year

text chat version 2

I'm having a problem with a user who continuously harasses me over chat, even though he is blocked. can we *please* make it so blocked users are unable to contact you?
avatar fatkatification 2 years

college weight gain

put on about 45 lbs in college, didnt start until sophomore year though, which is when i moved off campus and had a kitchen (and could bring cases of beer inside instead having to sneak handles in a backpack)
avatar fatkatification 2 years

messaging down?

Happening to me as well currently!
avatar fatkatification 3 years

finding all furries!~

Hey there! smiley
avatar fatkatification 4 years

public thrills ;)

JDnam, I love that thought! Ive wanted to do that smiley
avatar fatkatification 4 years

relocating to philly/sj

I'm local as well!
avatar fatkatification 4 years

looking for fat furries

Hey other furries!! smiley
avatar fatkatification 4 years

circus fat ladies

Anybody here watch american horror story!?!?! There was a scene where a circus fat lady was being fed by one of the main characters! <3
avatar fatkatification 4 years
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