what is the most you have eaten in one sitting?

most in one sitting was just under 5lbs of pasta & sauce - I pushed it too far and puked a bit so I only kept about 4.5lbs down..
avatar gordobaboso 3 months

how fat would you like to be?

if I had a hot dedicated female feeder who was willing and able to take care of me as she force fed me ever fatter: then as fat as she can make me.. literally immobilise me with my own fat "my 800lb life" and then keep on fattening me until my heart gives out.. "my 1600lb death".. like I said: dark desires!
avatar gordobaboso 6 months

adult nursing relationship

being regularly breastfed 2 or 3 times a day by a woman as part of her force-fattening me would be hot af ..

(not into adult baby stuff tho&apossmiley
avatar gordobaboso 6 months

eating yourself to death

I believe they want us to promote healthy gaining on here... right?


Dem dark desires tho'...
avatar gordobaboso 10 months

force feeding by hariem

definitely a hot fantasy for me!
avatar gordobaboso 10 months

what ideas turn you on?

Hmm. What turns me on the most is the idea of having a feedee who has become the very definition of gluttony. I want their body to be proof of their unhealthy, hedonistic lifestyle. A massive belly that wobbles with every strained step they take. Thick thighs, each one about one and a half times bigger than my waist. Fat pillowy arms that restrain your from reaching around your gut. Multiple fatty chins, big plump cheeks always covered in some type of grease or food. Fat hands always grabbing for some type of snack. Plump lips, always with something places between them. Someone who is always eager to eat and please, no matter how full or fat they already are. A lazy slob who'll just lay around whilst I'm at work, playing video games and stuffing their face. I dream of a *** who'll sit infront of the fridge and eat everything in it. I'll come home and they're drinking the last of the heavy cream we have, little dribbles making their way down their fat face. As they suckle the last of the cream dorm the carton, they'll toss it to the side and look to me with pleading eyes. "Babe, I'm too fat to get up." "Babe, my tummy hurts." "Babe, I'm still hungry." "Babe, help me to bed." Each fall from their lips in rapid succession as they struggle to move from their place. Their fat little legs are pretty much useless without a help up. Their big gut flows onto their massive thighs, their thick arms rubbing their gelatinous chin and flailing at their sides. I want someone who is the epitome of gluttony and sloth. Greedy and demanding, always hungry, never willing (or able) to move. Laying down, their fat spreads around them and overtakes an entire king size bed. Their gut will still stand proudly, towering over them, a mountain of lard. They'll be massive, huge, gargantuan. I'll sleep curled up by their head each night, their arm a blanket of fat over me.

oh my! hot! smiley
avatar gordobaboso 10 months