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suggestion to my bf?

aperature84 wrote:
I'm obsessed with my partners tummy, and I just tell her...if he's your bf and you spend time togeather, are intimate & trust each other..what's to even think about? Just tell him, be straight up about it! Grab his hand and put it where you want it, and keep doing it! When he moves it, grab his hand and put it back....he"ll get it eventually! I'm obsessed with my girlfriends tummy, shed never met a guy that could get so excited just rubbing her stomach, but she sure loves it now! What's to be embarrassed about?

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profile changes

Does it always change? Seems like every time I look at the edit page, I'm a different height, race, etc. So no sure if the actual profile is changing too.
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Fantasy is a way of life for some people unfortunately.
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