Gender identity choices

Addition of "unsure" to sexual orientation options seems like a potentially useful character qualifier.
11 months

Better parametric search for stories (and other)- views, length etc

Why cant the stories be sorted by number of views? I remember that this was a feature some time ago, not to mention the number of views is listed in the story details so I cant imagine why it's excluded from the search parameters.
Also, being able to sort by story length/chapter count would be a nice bonus.

Similarly, in videos, being able to search by length would be nice. And related to the search by date- having a date, or at least month/year tagged in the video info would be much preferred to the "X months ago"
11 months

I got stood up by someone here

My sympathies, and I don't mean to pour fire, but if I read the post correctly what occurred was not being stood up, it was being ditched: significantly more severe- the antagonists action is more despicable, and a worse blow to the injured party.

I'm quite against airing dirty laundry in public (particularly the warped "place" called the internet), but if an individual in a network does a dash when your back is turned and subsequently refuses any communication, the origin network should know about the behavior. The offending individual can try to apologize and ameliorate, or carry on as they were (I imagine them vacillating between perverse smugness and miserable discordance)
1 year