Weare, New Hampshire, United States  

About me

I wrote a long story and apparently the site timed out on me since when I hit save it made me log back in.
It began when I was 11 and found a.suitcase that was opened up alongside a trail I was riding my bicycle on.
It was full of books.
I kinda forgot the title, it was a small booklet.
"How to get fat in 30 days."
Said something like Fat people are soft and pleasant.
Skinny people are hard and I forgot
The rest is history....for conversations.
If interested I welcome an email.

Gender: male
Age: 61yrs
Weight: 270lbs
Height: 5’ 7" (171 cms)
Sexual orientation: straight
Fetish: feedee
Online 1 week
Visits website: monthly
Joined 2 months


Food: All kinds delicious, French Nat.
Movies: Hansel and Gretal
Music: All types. For Mood setting.
TV shows: Original Mcguyver
Cars: 93 Honda Civic Hatchback VX
Books: How to get fat in 30 days.
Fashions: Not particular.