Naples, Florida, United States  

About me

IF you are too lazy to comment on my pics, vids, stories then don't bother to message me.
Hey there, fellow weight gain enthusiasts! I'm Ron, and I'm excited to connect with like-minded individuals here on Fantasy Feeder.

When I'm not engaging in online discussions, you can usually find me exploring my passions offline. Writing is a huge part of my life; I love crafting stories and sharing my thoughts through the written word. It's a cathartic outlet for me, and I'm always up for discussing different writing styles and techniques.

Aside from writing, I'm an avid creator of content for my 3 YouTube channels. I enjoy experimenting with various video formats, editing techniques, and storytelling methods. If you're interested in collaborating or discussing video creation, I'd be thrilled to connect!

Beyond the digital realm, I have a deep connection to nature. Cattle ranching has been a family tradition for generations, and I've learned the

Gender: male
Age: 123yrs
Weight: 240lbs
Height: 3’ 9" (114 cms)
Sexual orientation: asexual
Fetish: gainer
Online 2 months
Visits website: rarely
Joined 9 years


Food: Anything grilled
Movies: Boxing Helina
Music: Folk-Older Rock
TV shows: ---------Forged in Fire
Cars: Americcan trucks
Books: non fiction
Fashions: big and tall