Amsterdam, Noord-holland, Netherlands  

About me

I am interested in feederism and mutual gaining (not too much tho, I think). I am not yet sure if I have a feedee side, but I do know for certain I would like to find a sorta skinny/chubby girlfriend and fatten her ass up 😜.

I do like the idea of gaining some weight myself, but haven’t actively done anything except let loose on holidays and gaining a kg of 5 (10 pounds). Most of the time, this is just enough to notice my pants getting a bit tight.

Maybe a girl who likes mutual as well can convince me to keep going and grow out of my jeans 🤔😂.

I also write stories, which I upload here. My upload schedule is mostly on a whim, but once I start writing I usually write a couple chapter a week.

Gender: male
Age: 26yrs
Weight: 150lbs
Height: 5’ 6" (168 cms)
Sexual orientation: straight
Fetish: mutual gainer
Online 4 days
Visits website: rarely
Joined 1 year


Food: BBQ, hamburgers, pizza; anything that is considered high fat and calorie dense really 😂
Movies: Fantasy mostly. Lotr, Harry Potter, pirates of the Caribbean, etc. The classic’s
Music: Movie and game soundtracks mainly and some jazz, county and 80’ss well, but I’m not particularly picky. This is just what I listen to the most
TV shows: Same as movies really, fantasy
Cars: I don’t really know much about cars unfortunately 😅
Books: Fantasy, psychology, self-help
Fashions: I not into the trending fashion. I mostly adopt a ‘timeless’ style, so clothes that will mostly have been and will stay in style