Clarksville, Tennessee, United States  

About me

Howdy there! I’m a chubby guy who likes hugs and eating yummy food!

I myself am a bit of a nerd; I love video games, books, and just about anything involving science or sci-fi. I love writing and drawing things, and I’ve written and co-written a few fun pieces and am working on a couple more stories. I also like to discuss things that are random yet also get you thinking, like pondering what sorts of maps mermaids would make or debating whether tablets or laptops are better.

I’m always on Discord, so feel free to message me if you wanna discuss nerdy things, or just feel curious to get to know me more!

Edit: have also been stuck on a diet for health reasons. Still have a soft chubby tummy tho.

Gender: male
Age: 31yrs
Weight: 510lbs
Height: 5’ 11" (181 cms)
Sexual orientation: asexual
Fetish: feedee
Online 1 month
Visits website: rarely
Joined 3 years


Food: Burgers, pizza, vanilla ice cream, spaghetti/ramen, chicken, mostly anything that isn’t spicy or shrimp. Or sauce.
Movies: Back to the Future, Kung Fu Panda, Titan A.E., Ice Age (the first one), Godzilla, Clue,
TV shows: Mostly documentaries, El Tigre, Invader Zim, Red vs Blue,
Cars: I liked the movie, was cute.
Books: SO MANY BOOKS. Myth-Adventures is a fun series.
Fashions: Eh... whatever looks good. :)