Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, United States  

About me

I am a chubby man who's been into fat women for a long time, and it's been my dream to help one get humongous. I may not be in a position to be a feeder at this time, but I would love to at least encourage one to keep gaining.

Gender: male
Age: 23yrs
Weight: 100lbs
Height: 3’ 9" (114 cms)
Sexual orientation: straight
Fetish: fat appreciator
Online 10 hours
Visits website: weekly
Joined 1 year


Food: Pizzas, Mexican, burgers, subs, ice cream, chicken salad, wings, chocolate chip pancakes, donuts, anything peanut butter, Dr. Pepper
Movies: Turning Red, El Dorado, Open Season, Over The Hedge
Music: Songs from various genres (particularly from games/TV/film)
TV shows: Clone High, Rise of the TMNT, Gravity Falls, Regular Show, Uncle Grandpa, Sonic Boom, Phineas and Ferb, Milo Murphy's Law
Cars: None
Books: None
Fashions: None