Leeds, England, United Kingdom  

About me

Hii I'm Abbie 😘 I'm a 30 year old SSBBW Spiritual 🧿🌙 Stoner & Leo ♌ from Yorkshire.

People describe me as confident and a little sassy 💁‍♀️, but I am always loyal & kind and never ever judgemental! 🥰

I love almost all foods 🍔🍟, and eat large portions & seconds of everything! I can't help myself! 🍩🍧

I'm just an all round friendly foodie (with a bit of a naughty side 😈) ...

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Gender: female
Age: 31yrs
Weight: 300lbs
Height: 5’ 3" (161 cms)
Fetish: foodie
Online: 4 months
Visits website: rarely
Joined: 1 year


Food: I am a savory lover mostly, but there are certain deserts that I can't say no too. I love trying new foods and foods from all cultures. My dream is to travel so I can try authentic foods from all over the world.
Movies: I like mostly anything, particularly things that stir strong emotions (pass me the tissues!) or deep thought. I also love a supernatural horror!
Music: I am a DnB/Jungle girl through and through. Get me in a field in the middle of summer listening to Chase & Status and I am a happy girl! At home, I like to listen to most things, my taste is quite eclectic aside from Metal, which is really not for me!
TV shows: Supernatural, Euphoria, The Walking Dead
Cars: I can't drive 😢 But one day I dream of owning a bright orange car. I am not fussy on the make/model to be honest, I just love Orange cars!
Books: I would say I love to read when I find the time but, realistically I buy about 80% more books than get chance to read... My bookcase is crammed full of unread books and my Amazon Book Wishlist is well over £1000 🙈
Fashions: I wouldn't really consider myself 'fashionable'. I wear what I like and what I am comfortable in. I do have a penchant for some nice lingerie though!