Sir Neapolitan

Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand  

About me

At your service. Writer and Blender Artist.

My stories are bite sized, but calorie dense. I recommend multiple servings for the fullest enjoyment. Bon appétit. 🍨

Open to chat about feederism, writing or any other fun topics.

Oh and if you have read this far, include "buttercream" somewhere in your first message to me. 😉🧈🧁

Gender: male
Age: 28yrs
Weight: 178lbs
Height: 6’ 3" (191 cms)
Fetish: feeder
Online: 18 hours
Visits website: weekly
Joined: 1 year


Food: Desserts (especially all things neapolitan).
Movies: Quentin Tarantino Films, The Matrix Trilogy, X-Men First Class, Mean Girls, Shallow Hal.
Music: Always changing, but I have a soft spot for pop rock of the 2000s.
TV shows: A mix of anime and live action.
Books: Lovecraft short stories, A Song of Ice and Fire, House of Leaves, and No Lunch Break.
Fashions: Suit & tie.