the devil's back

chapter 1

Note: *This story is a sequel to my first story, "There Is Nothing A Fatty Loves More Than Her Food".


When Jack found Sam, she was working out in the gym.
"Aren't you supposed to be taking it easy? This is supposed to be your day off." Jack said.
"I know, but I had both cheese and bacon on my salad at lunch today. I've got to stay in shape." Sam said.
"It's just a salad." Jack said then left.
Sam walked over to the full-length mirror and lifted her shirt with one hand. She ran her other hand over her tight and toned stomach. "Perfect." she said to herself.


The next day there was a birthday party for Daniel, and of course there was a nice big cake.
Jack walked over and offered Sam a piece of cake.
"Why not? This is a special occasion." Sam said taking a bite of cake.
The cake tasted so good that Sam ended up eating 3 pieces.

After work Sam couldn't stop thinking about how good that cake was.
She needed more, so she went to a local diner where she ordered a cheeseburger, fries, a milkshake, and 2 pieces of chocolate cake.
That's when Sam saw Jack walk in.
"Hey Sam." he said walking over to her.
"Whoa!" He said when he saw what she was eating. "3 pieces of cake not enough for you?" he asked.
It annoyed Sam that he knew exactly how much she had eaten at the party.
Jack looked her in the eye. "You're gonna get fat if you keep eating like this." he said. Then his order number was called, and he had to leave.
Sam knew that Jack was just teasing, but what he said made her feel disgusted with herself.
However, she wasn't about to let all of the delicious food in front of her go to waste. She would restart her diet tomorrow.


Needless to say, Sam did not restart her diet. In fact in 3 months she had gained 30 pounds.

"Sam," Jack said.
"What is it?" Sam snapped at him.
Jack raised an eyebrow at her.
"Sorry." she said more meekly.
"I just wanted to ask if you're okay." Jack said. "You're not sick or something are you?"
"No, I'm fine." Sam replied.
He eyed her stomach which was quite prominent under her tight black T-shirt.
Sam crossed her arms over her body to try to hide her bulge. She never remembered her clothes being this tight before. She usually preferred baggy clothing. Sam couldn't help thinking that she looked pregnant.
"I'm not pregnant." she said.
Jack held up his hands and backed away.
"Hey! I didn't say anything!" he said as he walked out of the room.
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