Skinny Alex Pt III

Chapter 1

The weeks had gone by with only the slightest gains in Lily's efforts. Alex's 28-inch waist had always done well with 29-inch pants, and he hadn't yet gotten too big for them. His body had not gotten larger, it seemed to Lily, though when he ate more than his fair share (which he did at every meal) his belly was expanding to greater and greater size, if only temporarily.

Lily knew that poor Alex was being held captive by his metabolism - he didn't know it yet, she'd rationalized, but he'd be much happier fatter. Lily had gotten in the habit of conditioning Alex. Every time he stuffed, she rewarded him physically - a body rub, a blow job, or straight-up sex (he was almost always on bottom in these cases, and always lying down now). She'd slowly removed all incentive for him to work out - his running shoes turning up missing, his gym clothes conveniently sitting in the hamper. She liked to schedule couple's activities around gym buddies' normal hours.

Yet over a month of extremely high caloric intake, very little physical activity, and the use of weight gain shakes, he wasn't getting bigger. But Lily noticed a few benefits - though he'd always looked to be skin and bones, he'd had a nice thin layer of muscle tone to keep him looking hard. Now, his skinny arms were all softness and give, his flat abs bunched up when he sat, his formerly tight (if virtually nonexistant) ass had more give to it. Lily also noticed that when they sometimes wrestled in the bedroom, he was finding it harder and harder to win. She couldn't wait until he was nice and chubby, barely able to resist the attacks and advances of a much fitter girlfriend.

But for now, he was only skinny and soft. Every time they made love, she had to imagine him larger, and she was growing impatient for him to lose his metabolism and become the plump man she now wanted.


"Honey, how do you feel about Chinese tonight?" Alex shrugged - with his appetite he was comfortable eating just about anything that tasted alright. And so it was that they found themselves at the Chinese buffet later that night, Lily taking back far too much of every dish and then over and over becoming too full for it or deciding she wanted more variety. Each plate in turn found its way to Alex, who ate with abandon.

"MSG...grease...too much sugar in the tea..." Lily made a mental note of the ingredients of each dish. She'd promised herself in the beginning that Alex's fattening would be only health food, but things had become more dire. Now there was peanut butter slathered on everything, hamburgers, pizza, and plenty of fast food. She went for the things sure to mess with his system - the night before he'd pigged out on french fries dipped in Frostys, two double hamburgers, and a pizza that had supposedly been delivered to the wrong door. Afterwards he'd eaten a few (or more than a few) servings of ice cream with Lily and then moaned as she cradled his wounded belly. Tonight, she had done the same - with pork fried rice, pineapple fried rice, chicken chow mein, beef and broccoli, kung pao chicken, dish after dish shoveled into his mouth mindlessly in the careless eating of a high-metabolism male who'd just had his stomach stretched. His belly bulged rock hard over his pants far enough that he'd had to undo the button.
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Ffancy 13 years
This is one of my favourite stories on here. So manipulative and sexy!
FrecherTyp 14 years
Great story !!!!:o
FrecherTyp 14 years
Did you wrote this for me ???smiley

haha that wass perfect for my tastes :-) i wish it never ends ......and i like the aspect of her getting fitter than him .
And it would be so nice when the story would go on with him struggling to try to get back in shape while she is sabotaging him in your nice ways .

Perhaps a little game:
...perhaps to earn a training unit for half an hour he has to first do some situps ( what would be so hard for him due to his bigger softer belly and bad fitness condition :-)) and push ups and when he is exausted enough he has to try to overcome his very fit gf :-) to earn his training unit ;-) .....

Sorry for all those suggestions haha...

to say it short aperfect story only far to short haha should never end...smiley
IfMusicBe 14 years
Pt I