sofia's secret

Chapter 1

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Sofia had always been the subject of envy for boys and girls alike throughout her life. She had everything anyone could ever desire out of life throughout high school. Seemingly supportive parents, a storied career in cheer and track, and friends and boyfriends everywhere she turned.

But Sofia had another side. Her “supportive” parents had been supportive of her, sure, but supportive only in things they wanted her to do. They had both been successful athletes themselves and only wanted their only daughter to rise to the same heights. Their athletic days didn’t end in high school, as triathlons were how they met and how they spent much of their free time. Strict diets for all three of the Washingtons were the only home life Sofia had known. Their strictness extended beyond extracurriculars and food intake, as their attempts to keep her focused in her athletic and academic pursuits only deepened her rebellious teenage spirit, but under the close watch of her parents, it was something she was unable to exorcise.

After a lengthy debate with her parents, she was able to convince them that she didn’t need to do D2 track, instead being able to go to her dream school that her parents had gone to, Georgia. The school was hard earned by Sofia, as she had worked just as hard in academics. She promised her parents she would remain active while away, as her family now lived in Michigan.

Her other side went deeper than some teenage desire to break free from her parents oppressive mannerisms through some slacking in exercise, as many did once in colleges. Sofia had never felt comfortable in her own skin. She had never felt comfortable discussing this with anyone, as any mention of some feeling of inferiority was scoffed at by everyone, as to any onlooker, Sofia had it all it seemed! Half venezuelan, her genes and athletic lifestyle had done her very well. She was on the shorter side at 5 4, but had relatively long, slender legs, with a firm yet round bottom as she weighed in at 112 pounds of nearly all muscle. When her muscles were engaged she sported a 6 pack and when at rest a perfectly flat stomach took its place. Her parents restrictive ways meant she rarely ever became bloated. Her sharp facial features accentuated her dark brown doe-like eyes and full, long eyelashes. She had long brown heir with faint blonde highlights. You get the picture. She was the definition of conventionally attractive.

But sofia had never desired this figure. She never enjoyed the intense suffering that gave her this figure, and as for the figure itself she never cared too much for it. She had always been into curvier figures in other women, and as she moved into her teenage years, and this figure was denied to her, it turned more into a fantasy. Online she found models whose bodies she envied, but they were no ordinary models. Curvy models, often ones with full bellies that defied the conventional easy by stuffing their bellies until they couldn’t take anymore, overfilling themselves to the point of helplessness, and growing heavier and lazier by the day. Sofia had always felt envy for this lifestyle, as who didn’t love food? But don’t worry, she of course wouldn’t ever plump up like that, it was just an online interest. She was fit! Besides, what would her friends say? She was skinny and she was going to stay that way.

August finally came after a fun summer, but still under the constant watch of her parents. She finally got to move in to her dorm with her best friend of 8 years, Valerie. Valerie and Sofia were the same to any spectator, both stick thin with nothing but muscle bringing out their curves. Both sported model like figures, and both of course loved activity. The night they moved in, Valerie was eager to settle into their discussed routine right away. “So, Sofia, you wanna go hit the gym? We can get a nice dinner after that to establish ourselves as full on college students!” “I don’t know, I’m pretty tired Valerie.” “We’ve been in the car all day come onnnnn” “Maybe tomorrow, you go ahead. I’ll meet you for dinner” “Ughhh fine but tomorrow you better”

Sofia just sat and read, soaking the moment in. She zoned out and with snacks from the car ride down just sitting around, Sofia for the first time in her life mindlessly snacked on the rest of the doritos. The junk did nothing but make her hungrier, so when Valerie sent her the text letting her know she was ready for dinner she was relieved. At dinner in the dining hall, Sofia got one of the forbidden delicacies: pizza. Valerie had a chicken salad. “Woah there Sofia, don’t wanna get that freshman 15 already!” Valerie exclaimed. “Relax, I’m just exploring my new freedom. You know, so college.” they both laughed, but Valerie remained serious.

As classes started, nursing turned out to be much busier for Sofia than she had anticipated. She hadn’t exactly made any effort to, but trips to the gym with Valerie were sparing. They both had a busy first 3 weeks, and while Valerie would keep her fitness up, Sofia decided to just cut loose, eating whatever she desired, through Valerie’s little snarky comments. But as her metabolism remained at light speed from an athletic life, nothing really seemed to change other than Sofia feeling a little more sluggish from less “super food”. But after a few weeks, Sofia and Valerie felt they finally had time to go full college and head to a frat party.

Even Valerie admitted you shouldn’t drink on an empty stomach, and as Sofia tagged along for Valerie’s morning workout, she decided to let up a little and the two got burgers to fill their stomachs before a full night of partying. Sofia at the last second switched her order to a double cheeseburger, for extra safety of course. She relished the freedom of eating as she desired.

Getting in for free, the girls both spread out and cut loose, but still maintained an eye on each other for safety. Both girls got right into the mix, with Sofia in particular drinking to her hearts content. After many drinks, by midnight, she was completely hammered. She had latched onto a cute guy, John was his name maybe? Either way, Sofia knew what she wanted, and it was him. As they made out, JACK, which was really his name, could tell she would not be able to take care of herself. Valerie, hammered herself, was paying no mind to Sofia, even though they were each others guardians, but luckily Jack was an alright guy. He could tell she needed to come down to earth a little bit, and decided to try and get her something to eat before making sure she got to bed safely. Barely making sense, Sofia begged for Wendy’s, mumbling about how it would make her nice and full. As Jack put in the doordash order, Sofia insisted on two burgers. “Don’t you want me? Spoil me” She mumbled. “You’re lucky you’re hot.” He mumbled in reply.

Sofia gorged herself on the burgers and fries, and passed out just after, bloated beyond belief from all the beef (lol rhyming) and beer (lol alliteration). Her stomach stuck out far past her hips, and gazing upon her, Jack saw a slim girl, but couldn’t mistake the layer of pudge on her body…
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