there is nothing a fatty loves more than her food

chapter 1

Sam was the only one who could go on this particular mission as Jack and Daniel were off on another mission in Abydos.
She had just come through the Stargate and found herself on a strange and unfamiliar planet.
It was late at night and incredibly dark and cold outside.
"If I had known how cold it would be here, I would have dressed much warmer." Sam said to herself wrapping her light jacket as tightly around her as she could.
She looked up then and saw a cave.
She decided to go in there to get warm.
However, as soon as she stepped inside, she realized that she was not alone.
"Nice to see you again." Sam heard a familiar voice say.
When she turned around, she realized the voice belonged to Reese.
"Reese! What are you doing here?" Sam exclaimed in shock.
"This is where I live now." Reese replied.
"Alone?" Sam asked.
"No. I invented robot servants out of replicators. They live here with me." Reese said. "And my father lives here." she added.
Sam knew Reese meant the man who had invented her.
"Come with me! You can share my room with me!" Reese exclaimed excitedly, leading Sam by the hand.
Reese led Sam into a large, brightly lit room. In the light of this room, Sam could tell that Reese looked different from the way that Sam remembered her.
She looked larger, and more scary and foreboding than the childlike, pretty robot girl that Sam remembered.
Sam could see that Reese had put on quite a bit of weight since she had last seen her. Her previous beauty had dissolved under a jiggling surface of blubber. This was something Sam would have found ugly, if she were the type of person to judge people based on appearance. However, no matter how non-judgmental Sam tried to be, Sam still found the sight of Reese to be rather unpleasant, and it was difficult for Sam to look at her.
"I know the way I look is ugly to your kind, but my father finds my new size very attractive." Reese said.
Suddenly one of Reese's replicator robot servants entered the room.
"Here is your evening meal." the robot said leaving a beaker of cream for Reese. (It was a weight gain shake made with Ippai, which was a substance that heightened desire and made one insatiable. It created hunger for whatever appetites one suppressed.).
"Tell Father I said Thank you." Reese said.
Then the robot left.
" You must join me for the meal." Reese said to Sam, so Sam sat down in a chair at the table.
Suddenly Sam was aware of Reese tying her hands behind her back with a chain.
"What are you doing?" Sam asked.
She struggled to get free, but she could not.
"Drink this." Reese commanded raising the beaker of cream to Sam's lips.
Tentatively, Sam took a sip of it. It was thick and very rich, but it tasted sweet like sugar.
Surprisingly, Sam liked the taste more than she thought she would.
"Drink it all." Reese commanded, and since the drink was not unpleasant, Sam did so.
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Exmademefat 7 years
Pretty hot story, are you into being gassy too like your name implies?