Skinny Alex (Pt. 1)

Chapter 1

Part 1

“Stop it.” Alex curled his spine, bringing his torso an inch further from Lily’s outstretched fingers.

“Stop what?” she asked playfully, batting her eyelashes.

She reached out again, her fingers pinching the tiniest of lovehandles on his torso. He relaxed – she didn’t seem nearly as weirded out as he did. In fact, she seemed to be taking delight in his added flesh...


When Alex had turned fifteen, his weight peaked at 125 lbs., and there it stayed. At fifteen his height measured 5’6”. At nineteen years old he was five feet and nine inches tall, but his weight was still 125. Through a summer of heavy eating and weight training, he remained one-hundred-twenty-five pounds, exactly – something he could never fully explain to all the people who kept tell him to “work out” or “eat something” – how could someone who gained weight naturally understand how hard it can be just to be normal sized?

He simply had one of those metabolisms that let him eat like a madman and not gain weight. Generally, in his family, male metabolisms were practically indestructible until the early 20s, when they started to give out. Alex was preparing for this by eating well, even though he didn't have to – though it didn’t stop him from pigging out when he wanted to.

Alex met Lily five months ago at age twenty-two, and at the time he was still downright scrawny. Lily was one of the housemates of Alex’s best friend, Kevin, and Alex had come down from Boston to visit Kevin when he ran into Lily. On his second day there, she and her friend Alexia had barged in on him changing his pants.

“Doesn’t anybody knock anymore?”

“Oh my!” Lily had exclaimed. “You have the skinniest legs I’ve ever seen!”

Alex was used to it – he was used to losing women to buff guys, he was used to people not realizing that being made fun of for being very skinny can feel just as bad as if you were fat. Alexia seemed genuinely shocked at how skinny his legs were – almost like chicken legs, it seemed as if they met the bare minimum physical requirements to keep him standing.

Yet in Lily’s eyes, there appeared a glimmer.


The incident when she walked in on him had been forgotten. Alex was very smart and had a great sense of humor, and Lily loved nerdy, funny guys. She was used to being the smartest girl in class, and it helped to have someone she felt was at least on her own level, if not above. She also loved how comfortable she felt with him, as if there were no judgments for her quirks and inadequacies, and he felt the same towards her.

Within a few days the two had hooked up, and during Alex’s three week visitation the two became very close and affectionate. When he left Philadelphia for Boston again, the two had agreed, against their better judgments, to try a long distance relationship.

The two grew closer, and Lily ended up getting a job interning with a publishing company in Cambridge. Alex and Lily decided to move in together, even though they’d only known each other four months. It was a big college student house with many friends, so they figured that they would always had the option of switching rooms if things didn’t work out.

By now, Alex was positive that he had fallen in love. Lily was smart, she was funny, she had a real sense of fun in bed, and she was beautiful in her own quirky way, with a tiny nose, black glasses, and short blonde hair. They got along great, and improbable as they’d thought it to be, their relationship was getting along very well.

To Be Continued...(much stuffing to follow)
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