after the holidays


She had eaten too much.

That much was obvious. While her belly hadn't really been flat in recent weeks, it was considerably larger and indisputably rounder in its current state. Her green henley top had ridden up just a bit, exposing a crescent of her soft, pudgy midriff. She rubbed it soothingly and breathed, stuffed to the brim.

"I can't believe I ate that much," she moaned. "But it was so good..."

She let out a burp, which helped to release some of the pressure in her overtaxed middle, and continued to rub her swollen gut. Despite how tight it was, it felt much softer than it had before, having slowly accumulated a new layer of fat over the course of the holidays.

She took a deep breath when suddenly a painful pressure around her waist evaporated, her belly swelling out a little. Her jeans had popped the button!

"It's gotten so BIG," she exclaimed to herself. She unzipped her jeans, easing more of the pressure on her enlarged tummy.

The holidays were a time of indulgence for her, but she'd really gone all-out this time. She couldn't help it. There was so much delicious, tempting food around, and everyone always insisted on giving her seconds. It would've been rude to turn them down, and either way, she just felt absolutely ravenous...

"No wonder I've gained weight," she said, pinching some of her new belly fat. "All of that food had to go somewhere."

She'd been having difficulty fitting in her clothes. Most of her shirts exposed her midriff, and now her jeans had popped. It seemed like she was going to have to wear her stretch pants for the rest of her vacation, which admittedly wasn't that big of a loss. And besides--she couldn't say she minded the extra weight.

Her belly suddenly grumbled: she was hungry again.

"Even after all that?" she said, astounded. Her belly grumbled again, almost as if in response. She looked at her bloated belly, then towards the kitchen, then back at her belly. Smiling, she gave it a pat.

"Well, I suppose more food couldn't hurt..."
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Jazzman 8 months
So enjoyable to read
Mmmmmm. Oh so sweet and hot - keep going!
Yes, it only shows that observing the holidays properly can lead to a BROADENING experience!!
Viewerr 8 months
This is incredible--please write more chapters!
Bbman26 10 months
Very nice
dicklovesbabs 10 months
Thank you! This story is sort of an homage to "Appetite."
Jazzman 10 months
This is really Good!
Jazzman 2 years
Nice start!