Weight gain stories

The elephant in the room

The story revolves around Red, a man who embarks on a change of lifestyle, after discovering his attractive colleague Carla has a secret fetish for feeding men. To pursue romance, he learns to embrace a new relationship with food and body image.   More ▼

Trust me, just keep eating

When Dylan wakes up in an unfamiliar room, he doesn't know what to do. He can't leave and he's being forced to gain weight. The only good thing is the cute girl that's being forced to help him.//Will contain force feeding and dark themes.   More ▼

Meeting mary

A story told from the perspective of Ryan who meets a girl named Mary who is a bit overweight that is looking for a feeder, but she isnt aware of what Ryan has in stores for her. The image from DeviantArt is to show how large and beautiful Mary looks   More ▼

Maid new

A mind-bending ride of mind control. Amanda's new domestic help rearranges her entire life. She may lose everything and be utterly humiliated in the process; but it feels & tastes so good!   More ▼


A former “it” girl is depressed after high school until a new relationship takes her life in an unexpected direction.   More ▼

The food company delivers

When the unsuspecting Hayley gets a job working for The Food Company it wont be just her horizons expanding... New Part! And thank you very much for the 50k views!   More ▼

The weight of devotion

A tale of a princess, a witch, a curse and a boy who will follow his heart (and his stomach) to the very end. Last updated 21/10/2020   More ▼

The future is... chubby

Scientist Elsa Rose tests her new time machine and becomes trapped in a strange chapter in earth’s history inhabited by the obese descendants of humans.   More ▼


Scott undergoes hypnosis to allow him to eat more so he can gain more weight when he goes to the gym. When it gets out of hand, his control slips and he starts eating more than he ever thought possible.   More ▼

Allie's uni housewarming

Allie is judgemental of her friend's uni weight gain. Until she moves in with them and starts to fall in love and begins to get chubby herself...   More ▼
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