***ing my friends fat sister

chapter 1

My friend Ethan and I were going to hang out at his house and play some video games. We had it all figured out I would go to his house Friday night and then drive back on Saturday. He was super rich and had a huge house. I got there a little early and he wasn't home yet. When I knocked on the door I was greeted by his sister. She was beautiful she was only a year older than me too. She stood barely more than 5 feet tall and must have weighed more than 300 pounds. "Hi I'm Lizzy." She said. She was wearing yoga pants and a crop top that showed off her voluptuous form well. She ushered me into the living room. She pointed to the couch. "Go ahead she said sit there. I will hang out with you until Ethan gets here." She waddled off into their kitchen and returned with a tub of ice cream. She plopped down on the long couch her exposed belly quivering. "You came pretty early." She said. "Ethan won't be here for a couple of hours, he's at work still."
"I know." I said. "I was trying to avoid traffic and I guess I was a little overzealous." She giggled her whole body jiggling with the movement. She noticed me looking and smiled, she then started to chow down one the ice cream she had brought in. She finished the tub relatively quickly. And got up to get another one. She struggled to rise from her seat because her tummy was full of ice cream. She finally managed to heave herself up and waddled to the kitchen. Once she was in there she called for me to reach a higher shelf. When I got in there she asked me to grab the fireball. I did so and handed it to her with a sly grin. She then got another gallon of ice cream from the freezer. We headed back to the couch and sat down so close that her fat thighs rested against my legs. She then proceeded to eat the ice cream and took a few swigs of fireball. I had some fireball too. After a while we were both a little drunk and her stomach looked ready to burst. She looked at me with her pretty eyes and asked if I would rub her belly a little. I was fully willing. I began to rub her giant taught stomach. She moaned in pleasure as I played with her fat rolls. After a while her bloating had gone down, but we weren't done yet. "Go into the kitchen and get stuff to feed me." She said. I was much obliged. I went into the kitchen and started on my concoction. First I got a funnel. I then prepared a fattening liquid in the blender. I put in ice cream chocolate sauce heavy cream vodka and Nutella. I blended this all up and brought it out to her with a funnel. She was still waiting patiently on the couch. I put the funnel in her mouth and began pouring. Once it had all gone down her throat J began to massage her belly. Her yoga pants were stretched beyond repair and her already small shirt was riding up on her swollen belly. I began to take of her pants exposing her tiny pink thong. She took off her shirt showing off her 36G boobs. I expertly snapped off her bra and her massive jiggling tits broke free. She grabbed my rock hard bulge and unzipped my pants. My dick pressed hard against my boxers as she began to work them down, my dick sprang out and she liked the tip. She started giving me head. Damn she was good. I flipped her onto a position were she was lying on her back with her legs spread. I took off her thong to reveal her fat dripping pussy. Good she was already wet. I began to play with her clit flicking it with my tongue. She almost orgasmed right there I stuck my hand in her pussy and she came on my hand. I repositioned and began to *** her doggy style. "HARDER!" She yelled. I did so pumping my rod in and out as hard as I could. As soon as I was ready I pulled out and sprayed my cup all over her giant ass. She turned around and started giving me a blow job. I came in her mouth and then on her swaying tits. Just when we were about done she grabbed a hold of my clock and jacked me off right into her belly button. After we were finished she was sprawled out on the couch her giant belly and tits heaving in exhaustion. I took the opportunity to clean up. And when I got out there f the shower she was all dressed and cleaned off. We made out until Ethan got home. Ethan and I had a fun night of gaming.

Chapter 2 (feeding) coming soon
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Blasty 7 years
Good start! Can't wait for more
Vinix 7 years
So good, keep writing