Feeding hailey

chapter 1

I was walking on my way to Chem class on the first day of school when I saw her. A fat beauty, waddling along to my class. Once in class I made sure to sit right next to her. After a long boring lecture by the professor class ended. I struck up a conversation with her saying; "what's your name?"
"its good to meet you Hailey, I'm Alex."
"Nice to meet you too" she said "if you don't mind could I get your number?"
"sure!" She said. She proceeded to give it to me. That night I decided to text her. Turns out she had recently gotten into a bad break up because the guy she was with didnt like her gaining weight. She explained to me how much she enjoyed packing on the pounds. I told her that I myself liked bigger women and was an avid feeder. "oh really, we should get together sometime" she said "absolutely!" I said. A couple weeks passed to and Hailey and I had been talking. We had gone on one date so far and we're about to go on our second. We went to eat at an all you can eat buffet. She loaded her plate with fried chicken mashed potatoes and ice cream she ate 10 servings of chicken. A ton of potatoes and 5 bowls of ice cream. Her belly was almost globular. I suggested that we go back to my place. I drove her to my house all while she was talking to no about her sub Dom fantasies. When we reached my house and came in. I grabbed her and looked at her with a sly grin, then dragged her to my bedroom and threw her on my bed. I took out a rope and tied her arms and legs to my bed posts. I got a funnel with a strap and shoved it into her mouth and secured it there. I went into the kitchen and came back with 3 cartons of whipping cream. She looked at me while eyed. I smiled at her and started to pour. I could see her already taught belly filling glasses with every chug she took. Soon she looked completely round. She was drowsy from all the food and started nodding off. I smacked her on her giant stomach and woke her up. Then got on top of her wrenched the funnel out of her mouth and tore off her shirt. I then undid her bra and let her giant tits bounce free. I started playing with her hard nipples and she moaned in pleasure. I ran to the kitchen and returned with 2 liters of soda I poured this down her throat. Her stomach was so hard and bloated that it snapped the buttons. On her pants. I ripped them off the rest of the way exposing her dripping panties. I tore them of and plunged my fingers into he succulent pussy. She moaned and came on my hand. I took off my clothes and.put my dick in her waiting pussy. I pumped in and out so fast that her whole fat body was quivering. I came all over her stomach and ties and then lay down on top and French kissed her. When we were done I cut her loose and she got dressed I took her too her house and said goodbye. We would see each other again soon
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QuebecFA 7 years
That is such a lovely story! You are one lucky dude! Are you still with Hailey? Do you still see Stacey?