29 candles

Chapter 1 - make a wish

Charlie had a boring life- boring job, boring car, boring apartment, boring everything... except for his not-so-boring boyfriend, Patrick. Patrick was that perfect specimen of a man- chiseled features, slick brown hair, piercing blue eyes, slight tan, & a real striking smile. Perfect in every way on the soccer field- where he worked as a coach for the local high school- &, not surprisingly, in the bedroom.
Charlie, on the other hand, was lithe at best- kinda pasty in complexion, a softer frame, no tone anywhere, black eyes & buzzed hair to keep to his fairly boring appearance. 'How any man- like Patrick- could like a guy like me', he often thought, 'is beyond me'. In fact, truthfully, someone Charlie's size usually wasn't what Patrick went for, but Patrick wasn't about to tell his boyfriend what really got his blood pumping, especially just before his birthday. On the day, Patrick took a deep breath & stepped in front of his man, clearing his throat to try & get Charlie's attention as he watched TV.

"I know you didn't wanna celebrate your birthday," Patrick started, holding something behind his back as he approached his man on the couch, "but I couldn't not celebrate you ANOTHER year, silly..." he stalled as his arms came to the front, revealing a small cake with a 2 & 9 candle lit on top, red decorative letters reading 'Happy Birthday, Chuck' atop the yellow-tinted frosting.
"Oh, Pat, you shouldn't have," Charlie couldn't help but tear up, wishing his partner hadn't gone through all the trouble.
"Happy Birthday, Chuck- make a wish, this thing is heavier than it looks," Patrick giggled as he held out the 9-inch round, 3-tiered dessert. Charlie thought for a moment, looking down at the confection, then back up at Patrick's broad smile across his perfect face, sighing a little on the inside. 'I wish...' he looked back down at the melting candles. 'I wish I were the perfect man for you- maybe then you'll stay with me longer than every other guy I know you'd do better with than me' he thought, taking a quick breath. With a soft blow, the candles went out & the magic began.

"Shall we get dinner started?" Patrick asked Charlie while he set the cake down on the table. Charlie's stomach gurgled, making him aware of how suddenly famished he was.
"How about we spice things up & have cake first?" Charlie placed a slender hand upon his flat stomach, which appeared to be inflated a touch more than usual. "I'm feeling naughty-" he alluded to as his other hand slipped around Patrick's waist.
"Ooh, cake first it is then, birthday boy," Patrick smiled as he turned around, wrapping his arms around Charlie's shoulders & planting his lush lips upon him with a birthday kiss. Something seemed different about him, 'but I can't tell what' Patrick thought as he fussed over plates & cut a couple wedges off the round cake, setting them both down on the table & pulling the candles off. Almost as quickly as Patrick had placed the plate in front of him, Charlie had started on his piece, almost inhaling the confection until barely two bites were left upon his plate.
"I don't know what's come over me, but could I have another slice?" he asked, rubbing his still gurgling, yet more distended belly with one hand while the other held out his empty plate.
"Sure, hun," Patrick said with a smirk, cutting off a bigger piece & laying it gently on the plate once more, watching him inhale the piece once again as he nibbled upon his own wedge. "How about I start dinner while we enjoy this cake, huh?" he encouraged as his partner appeared to be filling out- without noticing- in his cheeks & thighs rapidly.
"Mmph, sounds like a plan, babe," Charlie mumbled, having finished off both of his pieces & started to work on the remaining cake, surprised by how carnal he had become as his hands now double-fisted cake, his tummy now appearing to be pushed out & bloated.
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