The layover

chapter 1

She had flown many times before, but not quite for the reason this trip was taking her on, her backpack slung over one shoulder, a green duffel bag clutched in her other hand. Molly looked around the terminal, her short auburn lockes bouncing to & fro as she turned her head, her heart pounding with anticipation in the soles of her feet.
He waited anxiously for her to come through the gate, a white hand-painted sign in red letters with "Molly" across the front in his hands, the butterflies in his stomach frantically trying to find a way out. Ray checked the watch around his wrist again, looking up at the arrival times screen- 'on time' next to her flight number. Impatiently, he stared at the door like a monster were on the other side, ready to snatch him. Then his grey eyes lit up, a droll smile creeped across his face as he hoisted up the sign above his head, easy for anyone to see.
Molly bounded towards the red & white sign held high about the crowd, her luscious curves rippling with every hard step forward. She stopped just in front of Ray, her green eyes flickering under the fluorescent lighting, her arms outstretched both for balance & for the long-awaited hug she desperately desired. Ray practically dropped the sign from his grasp, her plush body replacing its presence effortlessly as his hands casually explored the folds of her shoulders, back, & a little further down to her ample ass. He breathed in the aromatic mint gum she'd been chewing most of the flight & noticed straight away how much her supple belly gurgled as he pressed into it.

"RedJet overbooked again, so I've got a day & a half before my next flight," Molly chimed up, giddy in knowing her belly would eventually be at the whim of his mercy. Ray just looked on, smiling from ear to ear as they walked- well, he walked, she huffed- hand in hand to the parking lot. The good news was he wasn't parked far from the entrance to the airport, so Molly's barreling thighs weren't rubbing together for much longer. The bad news was Ray drove a ratty pick-up truck which, though it provided plenty of grocery space in the back, didn't provide much space at all for seating- which Molly figured wouldn't be very comfortable once she bulked up anyway. It already was a tight squeeze for the bountiful beauty, as her body squished into the small chassie of the truck, her rather large, yet soft belly just inches away from the glove compartment.
"By the time I'm done with you, RedJet may need to re-book your plans anyway," Ray retorted, patting her fat gently. "I'm hoping you'll need to purchase an extra seat!" As he drove, he couldn't help but notice every bump in the road made her breasts & belly jiggle, chuckling to himself in anticipation of her rapid growth. A rather large bump in the road set off a loud gurgle from deep inside Molly's stomach, her hands involuntarily rubbing the massive amounts of flesh, her pale green shirt riding up each swell, revealing the pasty white skin underneath, dotted with many rosy stretch marks. Ray couldn't contain it any longer,
letting his moan linger in the air loud enough for Molly to hear.

The apartment complex wasn't as complex as the name suggested, "Maze Enterprises" glowed in the blue neon lights above the office as Ray drove his pick up into the grungy parking lot. The engine whirred to a stop, his keys jingling from the slot into his shaking hand, his nerves evident in his anticipation for what was to come. Molly opened her door & squeezed out of the truck, the chassie groaning in relief as the shocks sprang back into place, evening out the banged up seats within. She straightened out what she could of her riding jeans pantlegs, the material constricting her in her own skin. She huffed & puffed waddling along the sidewalk, the thinning threads of her jeans waring away as they neared his raggedy cream door, the paint chipping off to reveal its chestnut undertone.
He smiled at her, watching her ample cheeks widen across her pudgy face, finally slipping his key into the slot & turning clockwise until it clicked. Jiggling the handle, Ray opened the door to his rather small apartment. A two-person patio stood directly across from the front door, turning down the hall with the carpet lay the predictable bachelor's bathroom & broom closet. Before them spread out his 'bedroom' &, most importantly to the nervous couple, the fairly pristine kitchen.

Molly groaned a little louder than she realized, clutching her gurgling gut with a free hand, turning a bright shade of red across her face.
"I'm sorry, I didn't eat a lot before getting on the plane, I was so nervous." Her protesting pudge continued its whining, her hands dropping her bags at the door as she cradled the emptiness that consumed her. Ray grabbed her belongings & guided her into his studio apartment, setting her stuff down at the foot of his king size bed.
"Sounds like we'd better get started right away, then, huh?" he sorted out while opening his well-stocked fridge. "Have a seat, Molly- I'll only be a minute."
Molly found the edge of the bed & sat down, her wide hips & bulbous rump taking over most of the mattress already as she sunk into the squeaking springs & dense padding. She fiddled with the raising hem of her smoky-lace blouse, her white camisole underneath barely concealing her ample rolls. Molly browsed around Ray's apartment as he dug through the fridge- gandering at the many pictures on his otherwise vacant walls. She noticed there was always someone standing with him- & they were usually much heavier than he was. 'Ha! He wasn't kidding when he said he's got a lot of fat friends,' she thought to herself as she rubbed her growling belly again.
Ray paused to watch her gaze on, smiling at the bulging beauty before finishing his conquest of the fridge, kicking the door closed as his hands were full. He rearranged the papers he'd left on the table, pushing them to one end of the mahogany tabletop so he could unload his bounty onto the other end with a loud THUNK!

Molly watched Ray as he fervently raced around the kitchen, pulling something rather large from the fridge- a mysterious package under an opaque glass- which he promptly set on the counter behind him so he faced towards the center of the room.
"Can I get you something to drink, Molly?" he asked, his nerves a tangled bundle in his throat.
"Got any R.C.? I LOVE R.C.!"
Ray opened the dome & set it down on the counter, the smoky glass still hiding the surprise below it. He popped back in the fridge & grabbed a 2 liter bottle of R.C. Cherry Cola & toggled it to her side, ignoring the cups resting in his cabinetry- amusing himself with the notion she didn't need one anyway. Returning to the counter with what looked like a tube of icing, Ray stared at the giddy glutton as she unscrewed the cap, waited for the fizz inside to die down, & tilt her head backwards, lifting the jug of bubbling brew to her pursed lips. He watched in amazement as Molly sucked down gulp after gulp of soda, holding the hefty bottle with both hands to start, then letting one stray hand wander towards her bloating belly & rub the not-quite-taut skin, her breasts heaving with every swallow.

Molly didn't even notice that she had started rubbing her sensitive nipples through her thin shirt- rather than her bulging belly- a muffled moan escaping her luscious lips in between every gulp she made. Finally, she polished off the entire bottle, licking her lips as she rubbed her girth gently. Suddenly her face contorted- Ray was about to ask if she was okay, but stopped as the loud gurgling sound rumbled up into her throat &-- "BELCH!" a couple inches of her gut shrunk down as the air rushed out.
"Oh, excuse me!" she retorted, blushing from its power.
"You're fine- that was impressive!" Ray said, bringing out a collection of treats on a large tray & setting it down by the bedside.
Molly looked in amazement at the assortment before her- with so many morsels oozing with cheese, sparkling with sugar, & otherwise gleaming with fat, her tongue traced along her plump lips slowly, unable to control her arousal of the situation. The eager couple glanced at each other, almost searching for approval, before she reached for the first miniature pastry. Anticipating the premature finish of the buttery croissant, she took another equally flaky concession into her other soft hand. Ray watched intently as they heard the crunch of the carbohydrates echo in the cozy room before snapping out of his zombie-like daze & continued working on the surprise.
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