A fatboy to call my own

Chapter 1 - part 1

Another long day at work. Far too many hours but then I really needed the money to "maintain" my new project. A hard day's work almost made me feel better about what I'd done. Almost.

A few months ago a mysterious, and frankly quite shady corporation had approached me through indirect channels about a project that they'd organised. They claimed to have had a top research team designing a drug and had come to me, given my position at a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant, to produce prototype samples. At first I didn't know what this drug's purpose was, but I pushed to find out and eventually got my answer.

It was nicknamed "HyperTrient" and its purpose was to provide the human body with direct sustenance without the need to eat. In its present form it's extremely expensive to produce but the concept was that through trial and refinement it would eventually be viable for mass production at low to moderate cost. It could solve the world hunger crisis and provide a future for a great many people. Exactly where this amazing formula appeared from I don't know. I had agreed to produce a sample batch after having analysed the formula and screened it for anything that might be poisonous or otherwise harmful, went ahead synthesising it.

I produced a tiny batch of 12 tablets and was to hand it over in person to someone who'd arranged to meet me in private. The man was waiting as promised. He peered at the container and gave me a look. "Nice work" he said, a wry smile crossing his face. We'll be in touch once preliminary testing is complete. Your first payment has already been made. With that he was off. I did feel a bit uneasy about all of it but I had colleagues who I knew had done far worse. Besides, I don't think this was liable to kill anyone judging from its composition. I'd actually manufactured 13 tablets, keeping one back for myself. Call it curiosity.

When I got back home I crashed on the sofa. It had been one of those days that feels like you haven't stopped to breathe even. I felt pretty exhausted. I didn't fancy cooking anything for myself so I decided to order pizza. As the delivery fella approached my apartment door, the last of the day's sun caste his shadow on the floor; a slightly elongated but still portly outline. It was Sam. A delivery guy I'd gotten to know by name - primarily because I fancied him. I opened the door before he buzzed. There he was, beaming his cheeky little smile at me. A short (about 5ft 4) mixed race chap with a handsome, boyish face. He had dark closely cropped hair that contrasted deeply with his fair skin tone. I don't know if the pizza place let him eat the leftovers or something, but he was tubby - you could probably say fat even. He was late twenties and looking at him I'd have placed him around the 260lb mark. Being short like that meant it was a lot of bulk, but he carried it evenly over his body. He was wearing half lengths which teased his thick soft shins and calves. I bet he had chubby feet to go with those...

"Hey mister, got your order here.", "Thanks Sam, what's the other box? I only ordered one."

"It's a freebie mate, you're my last delivery tonight, got some time off see."

"Oh right. Well, I don't want to be rude or anything but I'm honestly not going to be able to eat that; there's only me here. Tell you what, why don't you come in, rest up a bit and you can have it - it'll save it going to waste."

"Oh, well, like are you sure? I mean, my boss wouldn't be too happy if he knew I'd eaten it."

"How's he going to know? If anybody asks, and I'm sure they won't, I'll just say I'm very grateful for it. Yeah?"

"Yeah okay. I'm starving actually".

"I bet you are" I thought. Big boy like you needs to eat to keep that pudge up.

He took off his trainers and sat down in front of the TV on the sofa. "Do you want a drink?" I asked him.

"Oh yeah, if you don't mind". "Of course not, is coke okay?" "Yeah that'd be great!".

I started to pour us each a glass and then remembered that I'd got that left over pill. I could dissolve that into his coke and he'd never know. It'd be nice to see him pack on a few extra pounds. I knew I shouldn't have, but I ground the tablet into his drink.

"Here ya go" I said, as I passed him the glass. "Thanks, I'm really thirsty actually". He practically gulped the whole lot down in one continuous swig.

I sat down next to him and started to eat my own meal. Shortly after I'd finished the first slice I noticed that he'd started to breathe, and eat, more rapidly. In fact he'd almost polished off his entire XL pizza. "Man, I'm SO hungry. I didn't even realise". "That's alright, sometimes you can build up an appetite and not notice, you probably haven't eaten much today". "Have the extras if you like, I'm not that hungry myself". "Really? You sure mister?" - "Yeah, knock yourself out bud".

I'd ordered chicken wings and garlic bread with no intention of being able to eat all of both, but he was absolutely tearing into them, letting out the occasional belch. At this point I stopped eating and staring, really just in awe of this tubster's appetite.

Once he'd got through the extras he turned to me and eyed-up the three quarters of pizza I'd still got left. "Could I erm, maybe...?" he said, nodding in the pizza's direction. "Yeah sure, if you're that hungry!" He snatched the box off me greedily and started chomping on it. He kept making deep moaning sounds. In fact it was more akin to somebody getting a fix of street drugs than it was eating food. I couldn't help but wonder if this had something to do with the HyperTriant. It couldn't have had any effect so quickly though, could it?

To be honest, I'd always wanted someone I could feed-up into what I'd call a 'proper man'. This seemed like an opportunity to indulge in that. I left Sam gorging on the pizza and went into the kitchen to find anything and everything appetising. Handily I'd been shopping the day before and the cupboards fully stocked. I pulled out all the chocolaty treats, potato chips, biscuits, rolls and I even had a giant cheesecake intended to be shared with some friends. I placed them all onto the serving trolley and wheeled them next to him.

He'd just about finished the last of the pizza and let out a fart. He looked at me, realising I'd caught that, "God I'm so sorry, I don't know what's wrong with me." He was panting a bit. "I'm just so ***ing hungry - hungrier than I've ever felt".

"That's okay, are you still hungry now?" - "Man, I'm even hungrier now than I was before!".

"Well, handy that I've got these then eh?" - I motioned towards the junk food and fattening treats. "Oh wow!". He didn't bother to seek permission before he started on the pile of food. He was cramming the biscuits and chocolate bars into his mouth and making quite a mess.

"Hey, Sam, listen. You're missing your mouth bud. Sit back on the sofa, I've got this". Surprisingly he did exactly that, though it seemed like a challenge for him to break his hunger-induced craze for long enough to stop chewing.

It was like a dream come true. This guy was lay back on my sofa and I was hand feeding him junk food. I started to push it into his mouth more forcefully. He didn't seem to notice, he just chewed and swallowed it faster. I decided to have fun with it so instead of cutting the cheesecake into slices, I just grabbed handfuls of the stuff and shoved it into to his sweet greedy mouth. He was like a machine.
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