A weekend getaway

Chapter 1

We had chatted online for a few weeks before ever talking on the phone. She was a young girl, recently out of college, and was a little chubby to start. She had been nervous to tell me anything about her interests in detail for fear of rejection, but after an hour on the phone she opened up. “I have always had a sexual fantasy about being intentionally fattened by someone. I always thought it was too weird to share with other people, but it feels good to get it out into the open.”

“ I don't think it's weird at all, you mean you want to have someone feed you with the intention of making you fat?” I said.

“Yeah, is that weird?”

“Well, it's certainly not mainstream, I mean most girls want to lose weight. But you and I wouldn't be talking if we didn't both have unusual tastes. I'd love to meet up with you and try fattening you up if that's something you want. I think it would be fun for both of us”

and after talking about logistics for another 20 minutes, we finally decided to meet in the flesh in 3 weeks when i had a 3 day weekend and she could get out of work for a day. We were both a little nervous to meet each other. She thought I was going to be weirded out by her fantasies, and I was a little scared of having someone I had never met spending the weekend. But we were also both excited to meet up, so we talked a few times in the interregnum and finally the weekend arrived.

She drove a little over 3 hours to get to my house. We decided to meet at my place because she had 2 roommates and she didnt want them to know about her unusual desire to be fattened. She was wearing a light grey sweatshirt when i first saw her at my door. I invited her in and we got to talking. After about a half an hour of chit chat I told her that I had done some shopping and she said she was hungry and wanted to try what I had bought. She took off her sweatshirt and was wearing a cute pink sleeveless shirt underneath. Her chubby belly poked out the bottom of her shirt and her arms were thick and full. I thought to myself that she was already gorgeous and was very attracted to her. She wasn't fat per se, but chubby, and looked like a woman who loved to allow herself some indulgences.

We sat at the table downstairs and I took out a large iced cake I had bought and a half gallon of whole milk. I pulled up a chair next to her and asked “Do you mind if I ruin your dinner by starting with dessert?”

She laughed and I scooped an iced chunk of cake up with a soup spoon. She ate by the spoonful for a while and I fed her most of the cake. I was surprised at how much she actually put away. I patted her belly and said “You must really have been hungry.”

“Well, I didn't drive 3 hours to be shy about it. You said you would be happy to fatten me up some, right?”

I took the hint and scooped up a large piece of the remaining cake and pushed it right into her mouth. “And I intend to make good on that.” I fed her the rest of the cake, it must have been 4 pounds in all, and then held up the rest of the milk and told her she should finish it. She chugged the milk in 2 long gulps and let out a tiny belch. I thought it was cute, but she was obviously embarrassed. I got up and got a couple of granola bars and fed them to her slowly. She was starting to feel pretty full. I suggested that she take a nap. I had to do some more shopping anyway, she was going to eat more than i had prepared for.

I showed her to the bed upstairs and told her to get comfortable. She curled up under the covers and was out in a few minutes. I ran to the donut shop and the grocery store to stock up a bit while she slept off breakfast.
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15 years
Loved it smiley It was nice that you didn't race the tory too fast.
KittenClaws 15 years
Great, add more!
Fatlilboy 15 years
FINALLY!!! A terrific story with all the best attributes. I'm an English major and the spelling and grammar may not be adequateby any means, but the content....OH THE CONTENT!! You did beautifully and I enjoyed every bit of it. Well written....well thought out....well drafted and it left us eager and waiting in deft anticipation for more!! Keep writing....the DOM/SUB stuff is the most erotic of all and you do it sooooo well.