Our next weekend

Chapter 1

We spoke nightly for the rest of the week. I found that I couldn't stop thinking about her, and she related that she felt likewise. I was so happy at her reciprocation, because I was so hopelessly infatuated with her that I couldn't tolerate her rejection well. She wanted to come back the following weekend, and I had to scramble to find someone to cover me at work. I traded for a holiday night, which was not my first choice, but I was perhaps a bit eager.

She came into town late Friday evening. The pantry was full and she was empty. I met her at her car and carried in her bags, after I kissed her and pinched her belly. I could tell she had indeed gained a little weight, but it was hardly noticeable unless one had spent nearly 3 days carefully inspecting her figure just a week earlier. I could feel my groin stiffen a little just at the smell of her hair. While the thought of feeding her was on my mind, neither of us could contain ourselves long enough to pursue that endeavor. As soon as I laid her bags down and closed the door I pushed her back into it and kissed her. She lifted her left leg up and curled it around me. I pushed into her. “I thought about you all week.” I told her. I pulled her shirt right over her head and laid my palms against her stomach. It bowed to my pressure and made generous indentations under my hands. She pushed her tongue into my mouth. I pulled down my pants and she pulled off hers simultaneously. With pants still around my ankles I entered her and pressed her up against the door. Our bodies crashed into each other and rattled the door behind us. I picked up her legs as she wrapped them tightly around my hips. She was much heavier that I had anticipated but I carried her well and punished her as much as possible. Our efforts were well rewarded. I have no idea how long idea we lasted, but every second was magic.

After the obligatory greeting I brought her things to the bedroom and we cuddled in bed. It was soft and tender. I was in no rush to get to feeding. I knew that she would need to be assured of my affections because I had every intention of pushing her limits in several ways.

I took her out to a great wine bar downtown for a late dinner. Between the both of us 2 bottles of red wine disappeared. I drank far more than she and relied on her to drive us home. I fell asleep rather quickly that night. She woke me up and gave me a big glass of water. “Drink this. I don't want you to be hungover all day tomorrow.”

“Me neither. Thank you.”

I fell back asleep in seconds.
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Fatlilboy 15 years
Totally enjoyed it! Especially poking as she fattened up. Keep feeding her and fattening her. There is plenty of room here for a ballooning of this girl's body. I love the descriptions of her softening, rounding, widening. All nicely done. Sensual, erotic and force fed. LOVE IT. Keep it going.