Alpha beta fat

Chapter 1

Hey ya'll sorry my last story got deleted but please enjoy this one.It came to me in a dream...enjoy


This is what Tara saw on a flier on her way to evening classes. Hmm. I have been looking to join a sorrority,my sister says they are super fun...maybe this could be the one.

Little did tara know what was in store for her...

After calling the sorrority and securing a date and time to tour the building Tara was elated.i just might make it.she thought ecstatically,this deserves a treat.With that she flew down to the cafeteria to prepare herself a 2 burgers ,chili cheese fries,fried chicken,and a large sundae.

Gawd what a pig i am and i haven't even gotten into the sorrority.Tara sat in sweet agony as her bloated belly groaned and strained under her restrictive jeans.

"Gosh that hurts".Tara muttered under her breath.

As soon as she undid the button the zipper to her jeans flew down and the shirt that was tucked into them flew up.Exposing the pink round globe that she used to call her washboad stomach.Tara was so embarrased she didn't even notice the pretty blonde that walked up to her until she asked

"First time in the college cafeteria huh?".

Tara's face flushed a bright red as she mumbled

"yeah i'm new".

"Oh the cafeeteriafood got me on my first time too,i'm Jaydyn"

"Nice to meet you Jayden i'm tara"

"So your a freshman right? are you looking to get into any sorrorities?"Jayden asked.

"Actually i'm touring Alpha Beta F in the morning"

"I tried there once.It seems like they don't let anyone in under 250 pounds"

"Really?"Tara was shocked

"Well hey its just a rumor have a good time tomorow!" with that Jaydyn walked off.

Hmm i wonder what that was about.Was she just being friendly or does she actually like me.Tara quickly dismissed the thought of Jaydyn likeing her .she was a puny freshman and Jaydyn was an expirienced Junior.

She was just giving me a warm welcome,tara reasoned with herself.

After a few minutes Tara managed to heave herself to the elavator and make it to her dorm so she could massage her belly.

The next day

"We are so glad that you could make it Tara.We are in need of new members."

As tara and the sorrority leader Christy explored the rooms and whatnot.Tara did notice all of the sorrority members were fat ,chubby,or downright obese.

"Umm christy,is it true you have to be fat to join this sorrority?"Tara blurted out. Oh gawd did i actually saw that?!!?.

"Well, first of all we prefer horizontally challenged and yes we prefer for our members to be a bit on the plump side".Christy said rather proudly."Now a skinny twig like you...probably wouldn't stand a chance against the board of trustees"

Christy must have seen the disappointment on Tara's face "but i assure you come back in about a month...if i think you've gained enough weight then maybe i can convince the board to give you a chance!"

At that Tara promply thanked Christy and left the house.

"So how did it go?" her roomate asked

"She said i wouldn't stand a chance getting in"Tara replied angrily

"oh i'm sorry...would you like to look at some others with me" her roommate offered

"NO!i'm getting into this one"


&quo t;i'm gonna get fat" Tara said with a fire in her eyes.
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The Donut King 13 years
Good beginning.
Tjpbeatles 13 years
wanna see where this goes smiley
Bellyrub 13 years
I like it. I think you should keep going. Tell the tale of her freshy 150.