Baby weight

Chapter 1

"Dammit!" ,Janie exclaimed as her pregnancy test beeped (it was the dreaded pink plus).Janie was what modern society would call a trust fund baby,her parents had always given her what she wanted and she stayed out of their way but their only condition was NO pregnancies before marriage . It was a rule Janie had always diligently followed ,but last was a typical wild end of the year party and Janie was in a drunken stupor. Now when it came to looks Janie could hold down her own with the best of them with long dark brown hair, and intoxicating green eyes, all on a skinny cheerleader frame. Somehow the star quarterback had seduced Janie and before she knew it they were both stumbling up stairs in a attempt to get to the bedroom. The next morning TJ (the quarterback) was gone and in his place Janie had both a huge hangover and a huge fear."Stupid TJ...must've forgotten to use a condom!" she realized. She decided to watch TV to calm her nerves,there were a thousand thoughts swirling in her head,as she flipped through channels Janie stopped on a the reality TV show I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant.She and her friends had always enjoyed laughing at the women who were so disgustingly fat they had no idea they were pregnant until the baby was actually she was watching she had an epiphany. "That’s it!" she yelled "I’ll just get so fat that no one will notice I’m pregnant and my parents won't snip my precious American Express card". Even though fat thoroughly repulsed her she knew she had to do it. The question was , when to start?

Janie jumped in the car and rushed to get supplies for her little "project".The selfish woman never gave a second thought about the child growing inside her just about how horribly fat she would have to get.As she got to walmmart she got two carts,she started to fill her first cart up with items like pies ,cake, cookies ,candybars,deli meats,etc.When that cart was full she started to fill the second cart up with sodas,frozen burgers and pizza,ice cream, etc.As she made her way to the checkout line she pretended to be on the phone saying"okay, i got the food for the party" because she didn't want the cashier to think she was a greedy pig(even though she was about to become one).

When she got home she put the food away in her private mini fridge,and decide to look up the fastest and most effective way to get fat.As she was doing this she stumbled upon a fat positive community and looked at pictures of big gluttonus women eating food and rubbing their luscious,mountainus bellies.Janie found herself getting suprisingly wet but quickly dissmissed the thought."you hate fatties!" she told herself.She remembered how she used to give the fat girl a hard time back in high school(whenever she walked by her in the halls Janie would moo at her,she'd pinch her flab in the locker room,and generally make her life hell)

Sorry this chapter kinda sucks i promise to make a better, more exciting one.
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Hiddenanima 12 years
I'm curious how this is going to turn out when the baby's born..
Badhansel 13 years
A great premise and you write well - looking forward to your next installation!
Escape60 13 years
Great start, I thoroughly look forward to reading more, there aren't anywhere near enough pregnancy weight gain stories on here, or on other sites either actually. Keep it up ;-)
Tjpbeatles 13 years
Great start!! Keep going
Sadeyedchris 13 years
really great idea, keep on writing!