Big, fat bayside 3...

  By T3a

Chapter 1 - one

Andrew was breathing heavily as he wedged his still swollen belly behind the steering wheel of his little Honda, which, oddly, seemed much closer to touching his belly than it had before. He grunted as he adjusted the seat belt around his uncomfortably stuffed middle. The last thing he wanted right now was any kind of restraining strap tight across his painful belly, but he was a stickler for following rules, and so he suffered in silence, despite the extremely uncomfortable and restrictive belt. He had hastily scribbled the address of the bakery onto a napkin and was frantically clutching it as he searched the streets for the right address.

Finally, with much nervous sweating, cursing at traffic, and futile, squirming attempts to adjust the too-tight seat belt, Andrew had arrived. The bakery was inviting, warm, and relaxing. The smell of the fresh baked sweets helped momentarily calm Andrew's nerves. "It'll all work out," he told himself. "Everything will be fine." He approached the cute girl behind the counter bashfully, already embarrassed even before he opened his mouth. He was suddenly conscious of how tight his clothes were, and how sloppy he must look.

Gracie, who was in a much happier mood after her fun girl's night, was happily, absently munching on a cinnamon roll as she wiped down the counter. The only sign of her weekend indulgences was a slight roll over the (now very tight) waistband, and a tiny gap between the bottom of her bakery t-shirt and the jeans.

"Aw, that poor guy is blushing so hard!" she thought as Andrew walked up hesitantly. She smiled her friendliest, most winning smile and asked cheerfully how she could help.

Andrew smiled nervously, and presented his bakery checklist. "I'm doing a project for work, and I've got to try some of these things," he mumbled. "They smell really good!" Andrew wasn't just being polite....even though he was still definitely full from his sweets binge, he found part of himself craving more as he inhaled the rich aromas of cinnamon, sugar, butter, fruit, chocolate. He found his eyes wandering to the glass cases filled with rich delights.

Gracie looked at the checklist in momentary confusion. "Oh, you must work for my friend Melissa's company! She ordered two of these same lists to be packed up for some of her employees. Did she need another one? I can put it on her company tab."

"No! No, no, it's fine, I'll just pay for it," Andrew rushed to pull out his wallet, anxious that Melissa not find out he had needed to order an extra set.

Gracie sensed something was up. "Melissa told me to put all of the work expenses on the company account. It is for your job, right? It will be kind of expensive for everything on this list. You shouldn't have to pay for it yourself...?"

Andrew blushed even harder and stared at his feet. How was he going to get out of this?? "No, really. I am so embarrassed, but I got one of the boxes earlier, but I forgot to write down the responses. I have to get another set so I can finish the assignment before the end of the weekend!"

"Aw, that poor guy looks like he's about to burst into tears!" Gracie thought Andrew's obvious discomfort and embarrassment were adorable, and she couldn't resist pushing the envelope. "Wait a're telling me you finished the entire box? Since THIS MORNING?" She smiled inwardly as Andrew reddened even more.
He gave a half-hearted laugh, feeling completely pathetic in front of this girl. "Yeah, I mean, I was really hungry and they were so, SO good. To be honest, I will really enjoy round two."

Gracie giggled. "Don't worry, the stuff here is soooooo good it's no wonder you came back for seconds. I'll get your stuff." She hopped off of her stool behind the counter and began to gather an assortment of treats. In spite of himself, Andrew's mouth began to water as he watched the short girl pile delicacies into a box. He still felt mortified at having to admit his extreme gluttony, but her easygoing response helped him feel marginally better. Lots of people enjoyed desserts, right?

Gracie stood on tiptoe to reach a doughnut from one of the highest shelves behind the counter and he saw her shirt ride up, exposing her tiny but very soft-looking belly. When she was finished, she handed the box to Andrew, who paid, but then noticed that this box seemed bigger than the one he had received that morning. Gracie saw his questioning glance and whispered "I threw in some extra things for you to try....they're new and not on your list, but I figured since you're such a big fan of our bakery (here Andrew blushed again) that you might like to try them. On the house!" she winked. "Besides, it's a slow day, and all our stuff has to be fresh. Whatever we don't sell, we just donate to the shelter anyhow."

Andrew smiled at Gracie's bubbly enthusiasm. Before he left, he turned for one last thought. "Oh, um, miss? Would you mind not mentioning my little refill to Melissa? I don't want her to think I'm a sugar addict or anything," he smiled sheepishly.

"No problem." She grinned. "I'm Gracie, by the way. I hope you come back in soon!"

As soon as he arrived home, Andrew placed the heavy box on the kitchen table (after hurriedly clearing the remnants of the previous one, and mentally kicking himself for his out of control binge). Wow, he thought. She really had thrown in some extra stuff. His belly was still stuffed, but he couldn't resist carrying a large slice of rich looking chocolate cake over to the couch with him.

He flipped on the TV, settled himself into the soft, forgiving cushions, and inhaled the rich aroma. The cake seemed to embody all of the seductive, decadent pleasure of chocolate. For some reason, it made him think of Melissa. He dragged a finger slowly through the thick, fudge frosting and licked it. Delicious. Andrew's weakness for sugar-induced pleasure kicked in. He closed his eyes and began to eat the cake slowly with his fingers. He imagined they were Melissa's fingers, and that she was feeding it to him, tantalizingly. He could feel himself getting hard against his increasingly tight pants.

He reached one hand down the front of his pants and began to rub himself as he fed himself the cake with his other hand. His belly was getting almost painfully packed and suddenly the tight, constricting feeling of his clothing was too much. One handed, he pulled his shirt off over his head, and then roughly shoved his pants down to his ankles. The couch cushions were soft against his bare skin and for a moment he almost imagined that their puffy softness was part of him.

He moved both hands faster and faster, shoving the gargantuan slice of cake into his eager lips, sugar vibrating through his veins, while the other hand rubbed himself faster and faster. His fantasies switched between Melissa and the cute bakery girl, feeding him, straddling him, riding him, feeding him some more, all while he sat in that very chair, growing immense. With a gasp and a shudder, he climaxed, and breathing heavily, he wondered what in the heck he had just been fantasizing about.
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GrowingLoveH... 5 months
This is beautiful 😻

Thank you for writing this for us all to enjoy.
Zurea 8 years
Very nice work, keep it up 😉
FrecherTyp 10 years
oh oh oh ^^ ;-)
wow that was sexy like a dream i espescially like this melisa and her wicked ways ^^ even the nice hot tub scene and stuffing this girl without her remembering is sooo hot ^^ hehe and i love to see how andrews deals with to much sexy food temptation and this arrogant jock getting his revenge ^^ hehe thanks for those 3 amzing chapters ^^
T3a 10 years
yep! Part 4 in the works smiley