Box of cookies

Chapter 1 - 1 the only chapter

The first box of cookies was the seal on the deal. They were packed so neatly and with such care, individually wrapped, "to keep them from getting stale", as he had mentioned in their last conversation the day before. They weren't anything particularly special, just chocolate chip and a hint of brown sugar, but the sentiment behind them had been well explained.
Megan looked at them with a hint of a smile on her face, thinking of the sender, the sweet treats matching the sweet guy who had sent them. Internet relationships weren't easy, both of them knew full well, so they hadn't tried it. Instead, they were good friends. With a few benefits perhaps, but friends.
She munched on them steadily throughout the day, the nondescript brown box sitting on her desk amongst the other knickknacks that decorated it. Work was easier, even though there was a stack of bug-fixes to be done (major release was only a few weeks away), maybe it was the chocolate. Whatever the reason, five-o-clock rolled around just a little bit faster, and she left the cubicle with that same hint of a smile on it. Pulling out her phone, she fired off a text to Stuart, thanking him for the gift.
"Hey, thanks for the cookies, they were great!"
He wouldn't get out of work himself for another few hours but the blinking light on his phone would give him a bit of a rush, she knew. A tiny bit of teasing didn't do any harm, she thought, and added another quick message,
"Definitely what my belly needed today, it's very happy at the moment :) "
It definitely had been, even though lunch had been a bit smaller than she was used to, due to the rush, her sizable rolls had not grumbled all day thanks to the top-up from the cookies.
"So what are you making for dinner today?" he asked, just finishing off a modest plate of spaghetti himself.
"Oh, I dunno, maybe a pizza." she texted back, wondering herself. Her leftovers had been depleted the night before, and she really didn't feel like making anything new at this point, not after being spoiled by cookies all day.
"Hah, better make it three for that belly ;D" he replied. Megan smiled, trying to think of a good way to turn it about. He had a habit of teasing her about eating more, and it might have had a subtle effect on her eating habits, but neither really cared about it in actuality. She was the weight she was, he was the weight he was, and that was fine.
"Maybe I should donate some of it to you, you would look better with a few pounds on you" she sent back, smirking behind her hand. Pizza was really the only option at this point, she had to admit.
"Sigh, you've convinced me, pizza it is." she sent to him, not waiting for a reply. She quickly ordered her usual for pizza, extra cheese and nothing else on a large, and laid down in front of the TV to wait for it to arrive. Stuart's reply came a few seconds later, "You and I both know that it looks best on you, I'll just have to get my belly on my own from somewhere else. Pizza!"
"You got me there, I'm the beauty and brains between the two of us, which I guess makes you the brawn. You're way too skinny for that though..." she sent back, awaiting his obvious reply.
"I'm not the brawn, I'm the baker!" he replied. With the last of the cookies between her fingers, Megan had to agree, he was definitely the better of the two at baking.
A few minutes later the doorbell rang, indicating that the pizza had arrived, and Megan tore into it once she had it in her possession, the cookies having staved off her grumbling tummy only a short while.
"I don't understand it, how can pizza continue to taste so good when it's so simple like this?" she sent to him in between slices.
"Heck if I know, but I'm not complaining" he sent back, adding in another message, "Think I could get a shot of your beautiful self after the pizza?"
"Only if you earn it! ;) ", she replied, already preparing a few shots to send to him later.
"I send you cookies and that's not even enough? Sheesh, tough critic!"
"Maybe if it had been more than one box, the one you sent hardly lasted the whole day!"
"I'll make sure to send a larger box next time, maybe a cheesecake, hm?"
"Both would be much appreciated, I'm already looking forward to it"
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